Monday, 13 February 2012


Thank you to everyone who left me a message yesterday when Rachel was having surgery, it means so much to know you're all thinking about me.

Rachel went into theatre at 9 am and got back onto the ward for 1 o'clock, Anth was there and he said she was in quite a lot of pain,  but ok.

Rachel phoned me herself at 6 pm and she said she'd managed a few spoons  of soup and a drink and she'd put her new jimmies on but was in a lot of pain, which I knew she would be.

I spoke to her at 8 this morning and she said she hadn't had a very good night but she was ok and was going to try a bit of toast, considering she's 5' 6'' and a size 8 she does like her food !!

I'm just happy it's all over and now and we just have to get her home and rested for a while till the wounds heal, she's hopeing to come home on Wednesday.

Well what does a worried mama do while her girl is under the knife???

After a few chores and wrapping of birthday pressies for two lovely people, I started to sew,

after choosing the fabrics I thought I'd make a bunny inspired by the lovely Julie Arkell, when I'd finished her I sewed an old initial on to her dress and called her "Rachel rabbit" so I shall take her along to the hospital this afternoon and hope it cheers Rachel up a bit with some chocs, balloon and card  as you can't have flowers in hospital these days....where did that come from???

Thanks again for all your well wishes,

Lucey xx


delia hornbook said...

Im sorry i missed yesterdays post im just about to catch up in blogland. Glad everything went well its horrible when your children are so poorly you feel so helpless. She will love her Rabbit she is so cute. dee x

Daisy said...

So pleased everything went well. Your Rachel Rabbit is the perfect gift. So cute and made with love.
Hugs to you all.
Daisy xxx

♥ Miss Tea said...

So glad the surgery went well and Rachel is recovering but sorry to hear that she's in alot of pain! the bunny is so pretty! love the fabric you chose and i'm sure she'll be happy to see the bunny!

x susan

Jewel said...

So glad to hear she is doing ok! I'm sure the beautiful rabbit and some good ol' chocolate will make her feels 100 times better!


LaaLaa said...

I did post yesterday, honey but Blogger ate it. I'm so sorry Rachel is going through it all again. She'll soon be able to put it behind her. I'm thinking of you all. I love your rabbit! xx

Bee happy said...

Glad everything went well yesterday, Rachel will recover much quicker I'm sure when she is at home, I know I did :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Pretty at Heart said...

Glad she is going to be on the mend now and with such supportive parents Im sure she will recover quickly.

Florence and Mary said...

So glad to hear everything went well.

Victoria xx

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Good to hear it all went smoothly, hopefully the pain and discomfort will soon disappear. I love your Rachel Rabbit, very cute xx

Rose H (UK) said...

So pleased proceedure went well. Hope Rachel is feeling a little less sore. I'm sure she'll adore the rabbit:o)

A Blessed Life said...

Love the rabbit...hope the recovery is very quick and that your lovely girl can go forward with no worries...

made-and-found said...

Hope Rachel is recovering well.Bless her! I hope you are feeling less stressed too,Lucey.Just wanted to let you know about the next vintage fair by Sarah and Jackie.Ive copied and pasted the email they sent me.If you can go we could meet and have a cuppa.
Thirlby Village Hall ( postcode YO7 2DJ ) Sunday March 4th, 10am to 4pm.

At this time of year we need something bright and colourful to light up the dark winter days and give us a sense of well being.
Be inspired by...
A treasure trove of vintage homewares and painted furniture along with beautiful homemade pieces arranged in inspirational displays.
Ideas for lovely and unusual Mothers Day giftsTea and delicious homemade cakes served on pretty vintage crockery.

Anne x

Hope you can make it, and would you please mention it to any one else that might be interested.

jordiegirl said...

Good to hear Rachel is on the mend. The rabbit you made is lovely, sure she'll love it. Things have gone crazy in this world with hospitals banning you taking flowers in these days!!!! Suppose it saves the nurses finding vases for them and having to wash the vases too!!!! Obviously something to do with hygiene!!!!! Doesn't seems to have stopped MRSA (think that's what seems to be going around hospitals these days!!!)

Jenny at Red House said...

so glad Rachel is fine! don't envy her tose sre boobs! ouch! Julie Arkell is great, I so want one of her books, your rabbit is adorable... clever old you!! jennyx

Carol said...

What a cute 'Rachel' rabbit, I'm sure it will have made her smile. I love Julie Arkell's designs and was lucky enough to go on one of her courses last year.
Carol xx

Second Hand Rose said...

The bunny you made is gorgeous and so well made! So glad she is ok and feeling better, I wish her a speedy recovery! XxxX