Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Cath Kidston....

Hi girls, as soon as I got to York on Saturday I headed up to Stonegate to the Cath Kidston shop,

where the window was full of lovely things and as I stepped inside I asked the young , very lovely assistant if I could take a couple of piccies.

I took a seat and asked for tea and cakes but nobody took my order hehe

The shop looks small from the front but it goes back 3 rooms and at the back it's an L shape so its a big shop realy. Now to show you what I bought......

Can you see through the bag???

First in the basket was the sewing tin that had some reels of cotton and needles inside, it matches the buttons tin and needlecase that I got for Christmas, then  there was the pins tin,  tape measure and scissors, the roses on the tin remind me of a painted barge, and I do love red and white spots.

Next were a pack of spotty candles for my new glass candlesticks,   two packs of napkins, and a hologram card.

You know when you buy something but it's too nice to use? well as there were 6 candles I lit 2, and I've still got 4 left to keep (same with the napkins I won't be letting anyone use them!!!)

Then I spotted some notepaper, envelopes and stickers (not that I'll use it !) that I could write to my friend in Canada on as she always has such nice writing paper and stickers.

In the home dept I asked the assistant if I could have some fabric samples and she gave me 7 which were all lovely and of a decent size,  I saw some pegs and a washing line for £5,and I thought with some stars stuck on the pegs I could use them on my pegboard.

Fortunetly for me, Mr Lucey likes shopping but after 40 mins I had a final look round and made my way to the till
 and on the counter were some hankies, now I always use a proper cotton hankie  (vintage if possible) and this one is sooo pretty with strawberries on so that went in the basket aswell.

When I had a look at it it's far too nice to be wiping noses on or even sticky fingers at a picnic, so I might make it into a cushion cover or a cloth for a little  table in Sweetpea Cottage, what do you think??

The fabric samples are under the buttons tin arn't they pretty? On the way home we called at Tesco and I saw these two cake tins for £4.50 and they match in with the buttons tin so I got them and then spent a couple of hours on Sunday putting all my sewing paraphernalia in all the tins, how organised am I eh?

Well that's my stash from CK,  I'll tell you about my presents and the other things I bought next time.

Bye for now

Lucey xx

Who would have thought...jellies and birds....



Sal said...

When I visited the York CK,last year,they would not let me take any photos!!! ;-( So I stood outside and took some from there!
I love all the things that you bought!!

VintageVicki said...

I've yet to get to a CK store - one day.

Love the things you bought :)

The Girl said...

Woah you practically cleaned them out!! What a great load of buys. I'm very jealous.

(I have the notepaper too but never write to anyone on it because it's too nice!)

Sarah said...

What great goodies - I love hankies - so much nicer than tissues!

Sewn Up said...

What lovely items you got from CK, I haven't been to the store yet but am planning on making a trip there in the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful collection of things, they're all just lovely. Oh how I need a CK in Suffolk (as I'm too stingey to pay £4.95 postage)!xx


Lovely stuff!!! I want it all!!
Just thought my pincushion ring matches your sewing bits...

Kitty M said...

Wow what an amazing haul! You are my kind of shopper! I love the cath Kidston candles and that little cushion at the bottom is lovely ... jelly eating pigeons lol! xxx

A Country Girl said...

I'm going to York in the summer - I'll definately be heading for CK, but probably without husband and son who are not very tolerant of shopping!
I had the new CK catalogue in the post today - some lovely new things in it!

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

Oh my goodness I love LOVE all your goodies from CK - I've never been to one of her shops so thank you for the little peek inside. The website is very wonderful but not the same as a mooch in a real live shop.I love pretty tins in general but yours are perfectly GORGEOUS xxxx

Florence and Mary said...

You treated yourself to some wonderful things Lucey.

I have the spotted tins from Tesco

Victoria x

Mary Poppins said...

Ohoo my I need to sit down, Ohooo I am ;) Thats how excited I got about seeing ypour pretties there. Beautiful, you made some fabulous choices . I too have those spotty cake tins, really pretty. Thank you so much for your really kind offer, you have touched me and can't wait for you to be part of the special little curtain and thank you for taking the time to send a special square :)



pinkstilettos said...

I want to go in this store at least once in my lifetime! Can you tell me- is the store very expensive?

Kissed by an Angel said...

What lovely things you treated yourself to!!

Sandy said...

I am going to get to England in the next couple of years and one of my first stops will be a CK Store! I am sooo jealous! Those spotty candles...the fun cloth with the strawberries...oh my....I almost can't looka t posts liek this. I sooo wish she was in the States!