Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Making Nests...

Hi girls,  I saw these "truly madly deeply" mugs for sale in M&S yesterday,

and I thought I'd buy one each for me and Mr Lucey, they're filled with little chocolate hearts which are yummy

this is one bag as we ate the other bag before I got the camera out!! They sort of match my Emma Bridgewater mugs only they're a bit bigger and as Roger the lodger says "they hold more brew".

This is a heart shaped wire card holder my daughter bought for me last birthday and I hung it in the living room at Christmas time with cards on it but now it holds all these pretties. I couldn't bear to put those smiling snowmens faces away so I hung them across but no doubt when the warmer weather comes I'll put them away.

Then I put the noticeboard up and stuck some nice cards on it I didn't want to stick any pins in it just yet as I like to keep things new for a while! Does anyone else do that or is it just me???

I felt a bit of crafty coming on  as I'd just got some new buttons and threads from "Dottie and Millie's emporium" so I made these cones or "nests" which I edged with braid and stitched some lovely buttons on,  the pearly ones are from  Duttons for buttons in York

But no sooner had I hung them up than these two cheaky magpies took up residency!!!

How sweet are they???

The pigeon and jelly fabric come today and  enclosed was a piece of fabric with a fish in a bowl with coral on ,now I'm not a "Fishy" type of girl but if anyone would like it I'll send it to you, its linen union and about 18 inches X 8 inches you might be able to make something out of it just let me know. (I'm now swimming over to madmummy...thank you.)

Thank you Maryannlucy  for sending me a copy of Country Living  magazine so I'm off now for a read and a cuppa,

Bye for now,

Love Lucey xx


LoloDesigns said...

Mmm those mugs look divine! You're right they are very EB! x

Anonymous said...

Just love the mugs - guess where I'm off to tomorrow?xx

made with love said...

your little mugs are really sweet. I am looking forward to seeing your cushion with your lovely fabric.
Rachael XX

madmummy said...

Oooooh, think i'll be heading to M&S for a mug too, good find!!
Love the jelly on that fabric, look forward to seeing what you make with it... would also love a piece of your fishy fabric if poss, please x
x Steph

maryannlucy said...

Great mugs - I must go and have a look. Glad you got the magazine, I'm just sorry it took so long, hope you'll forgive me.
Take care, Mx

marty and sharon said...

Hi Lucey, thank you so much for your lovely message on my blog. Isn't Happy a doll?! I had seen your blog on happys site and thought it was very pretty & striking! Speak soon. sharon x

The Girl said...

Those mugs look brilliant. I'm a huge fan of big mugs, the bigger the mug the better the mug as far as I'm concerned!

Love the pinboard, very patriotic!

Sewn Up said...

Those mugs are great and I may need to make a trip to M&S myself now. Also love your pinboard and no, it's not just you that likes to keep things new, I do it too!


Great Mugs! I want them now!
Oh and the fabric, i'll have it, make something out of it........Kx

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

I have a little M&S here , I wonder if they have brought those nice mugs ? Off for a look-see tomorrow ! Louise x

LittleGem said...

Hi Lucey,
Love all your new bits and bobs, as you know I love Union Jacks too. The mugs are gorgeous, might have to see if I can spot them next time I'm in M&S :) xx

mangocheeks said...

I need to get myself one of those mugs.

Re the Union Jacks, have you been to the supermarket *esco recently, they have some lovely flowery Union Jack napkins for £2.50, a little overpriced I think, but lovely nonetheless.

Kitschen Pink said...

Hello Lucey. Tried to send you a highly confidential email in response to your comment today but your address is bouncing me so I'm going to copy the text here... in the strictest confidence, 'eyes only' and 'need to know' of course! t.x
Hello there.
Thanks for popping by. I have been collecting buttons for years and I
couldn't honestly say where they all come from. They sort of multiply in pots around the house. I think they grow like amoeba. At least that's what I tell the man in the house. My mum is a star - all of her friends get fleeced for old button boxes - I sometimes get lucky in charity shops and I know a dealer who always gives me first choice of her special ones because I've been buying bits and bobs from her from years and years. It's all a bit of an obsession really. I think I might need to go into therapy at some point but for now at least I'm in denial. They multiply in the night and that's my story and I'm sticking to it... if anyone asks you... you're not a spy are you?!!

Kitschen Pink said...

LOVE those mugs by the way! I'm off for a lookabout - it's very yummy here! t.x said...

Those mugs are wonderful! I saw some polka dot glasses in M&S for 50p each, gosh I wish I had bought some now! Must have another look soon. Love the jelly! suzie. xxx

Kissed by an Angel said...

Love the mugs!! They are gorgeous!! You have some lovely things!! Can't wait to see your cushion when it's done!!

Cottage Flair said...

Those mugs are too fun. My friend has those words engraved on her and her hubby's wedding bands. Great pillow.

bad penny said...

Hi Lucey I love the heart display board .

Thx for popping over - my ghost story will be up again tomorrow night !

Celestial Charms said...

Love the mugs, and the display board is lovely. I too, hate to use something that is new. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so that goes hand in hand. Anyway, the pillow is also a charmer. Have a happy weekend.

artycho said...

What a lovely stroll I just had by your awesome blog! Thank you!

Kelly said...

love the nitice board i need a new one mine fell down and broke!!! That one would be perfect in my kitchen!!!