Saturday, 30 January 2010

Cushion...John & Dickie or Queenie & Pearl???

Hi girls, 

On Wednesday morning I was looking out of the window and I saw three robins in the garden, now I've seen two of them a few times but never three but of course every time I snapped away with the camera I could only get two of them at once.

I snapped these two on the side fence and this little chap at the back looking for food ooooh I do love robins!!

Anyway the postie dropped this lovely fabric through the letter box and before you could say Jack Robinson I ran upstairs and cut out some plain cream cotton for the back of the cushion,

and all my lovely sewing tins and buttons, and then come the best I add a few buttons and trimmings or not? Then I had to decide if the two pigeons were boys, Dickie (Bird ) and John (pigeon) or girls  Queenie and Pearl.

After rummaging in the button tin I decided they were girls  Queenie, who I gave a crown to and a nice emerald bracelet, 

and Pearl who got a lovely pearl neclace and a beautiful Ruby bracelet.

Of course I had to stitch on a wibbly wobbly jelly button before running the cover up on the machine.

I'm pleased with the way it turned out  and first I put it on the armchair but then I decided it looked better on the bed

nestled amongst my other cushions and besides I didn't want a dog laying on it!!

Also in the post this week was this poster

and a box of chocolate piglets from the lovely Kitty at Dollydaydream do pay her a visit girls...thank you so much Kitty I love the poster.


So till next time it's bye from Queenie, Pearl and Lucey xxx


Sea Witch said...

I love your pigeons and jello mold textiles. How whimsical. Just found your blog and am really engjoying it. Sea Witch

Rachel M said...

I love the pigeons new accessories! The cushion looks really lovely on the bed. XxX

FairlyGirly said...

Hi, Have you done the RSPB Big Birdwatch? You now have a couple extra to include ;-0)

Florence and Mary said...

Your cushions look fabulous!

Victoria xx

Knittings Nice! said... love love em! So clever to embellish them the way you have.

Amanda said...

Your cushion turned out well. I saw the one in York, its still in the window. Yours is even nicer.

Gill - That British Woman said...

What a lovely blog you have, I am popping by from Penny's at The Hen House.

Your blog is so bright and cheerful.

Gill in Canada


I love the cushion, and those green buttons! kx

Kitty M said...

Amazing cushion - I am always astounded at how quickly you can create lol!! Just loving Queenie and Pearl's accessories - the fabric looks great on your bed with the white cushions. Aww good old Owl and Pussy Cat and sorry I had to cram my little gift card into the too narrow postage tube
:-) xxx

A Country Girl said...

The cushion looks great!

Kissed by an Angel said...

Wow!!You did a great job on the cushion!!! Love the extras!!!!!

Lavender hearts said...

what unusual (and gorgeous) fabric. It's so nice to see something a bit different like that. you are so 'on rend' darling! ;-)

Lavender hearts said...

'on trend' even.

The Girl said...

How brilliant! Love how you've added the embellishments - especially liking Pearl's necklace!