Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I'd Like You To Meet Edward And Edith.

I got a letter from the  ladies at the W.I. asking if I could take in a couple of evecuees from London, so off we went to meet the train,
I was allocated two lovely little kids, a brother and sister named  Edward and Edith, come and meet them.

Edward (ticket no 254) is a lively seven year old who lost his suitcase on the train  but the lovely lady from the W.I. found it for him,

his little sister Edith (ticket no 258) who's 6 is ever so sweet and clutched her little home made dolly on the long journey all the way from London to the countryside .

Their mummy told them  that they were going on a little holiday to stay with "auntie and uncle" in the country  where they would see cows in the fields and eat fresh eggs that the chickens would lay for them.

Mummy had knitted them both a new cardigan and pullover.

When we got home they tucked into  chips and egg, a glass of milk  and a large slice of cake and then they unpacked their suitcases,

Edward had  his bag of marbles, checked pyjamas and a hot water bottle,
he also had a comic but left it on the train,

and in Edith's was  her favourite nightdress, her warm slippers and a hot water bottle.

While the children were in the tin bath in front of the fire  I laid out their nightclothes and warmed them some milk,

then we read  a story before I tucked them up in the big double bed in the attic.

"Sweet Dreams"

Edward and Edith ticket no's 254 and 258!!

Love Lucey xx


KC'sCourt! said...

Oh! they are so wonderful! I do hope they manage to stay together after their adventures on the train
Julie xxxxxxx

Deborah said...

So cute! I love their suitcases and belongings :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

The Krafty Cupcake said...

These are lovely! I do hope they behave! Sue x

Daisy said...

They are so gorgeous! Hope you have lots of fun with them xxx

Kandi said...

Oh wow they are gorgeous, hope they have settled in well! x

Dorothy said...

I love this post! Your little friends are gorgeous!

Monkey Man said...

what sweets they are. Glad they got to stay together, and survived all the adentures on the train.

Noelle the dreamer said...

Your post wins the most original blog award! I love it!!
Ex-RAF hubby says: Take good care of the kiddies! This brings back many memories!
God speed,

Callies Cottage said...

Wonderful post!
Callie x

Tracy said...

What a brilliant post your visitors are just gorgeous and I'm sure they will enjoy their time with you x

Dorothy Prudie Vintage said...

Thank you for the lovely story and photos...what a treat for the eyes.

Primrose Patch said...

Such a lovely post Lucey, it reminds me of the story my Mum told me, when she and her brother were evacuated to Bishop Auckland during the war. Apparently the couple they stayed with wanted to adopt my mum and her brother, they were so happy living in the country. I am sure your evacuees will be as happy.

Tracy said...

These are so cute such a wonderful blog I will enjoy reading this over the weekend. Tracy x