Sunday, 14 April 2013

Granny Slip

I was rummaging through the "draper's drawers" yesterday when I come across this very long cloth,

I think in it's previous life it was a sort of valance for along the side of a big Victorian brass bed.

It's made from snowy white cotton with a lovely hand knitted deep lace border and just perfect for making into a "granny slip" to wear under my skirts.

I wrapped it around me and   snipped the remainder off the end, then made a channel along the top and threaded some elastic through and stitched down the side.

Someone must have spent hours and hours knitting  such beautiful fine lace, I added the old shirt buttons and a piece of initialled tape, and that's it, a gorgeous "granny slip" which I shall wear with pride.

Mr Lucey won me this bike for £1 on e bay so I potted it up with some spring flowers for a bit of prettiness,

and made a bit of bunting to drape across,

now all we need is the sun to shine, that's not asking too much in April is it??

Lucey xx


Rachel said...

Love your bike!

Liz Smith said...

Love the little underskirt - great way of using up the fabric!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

faith76 said...

Spring has not sprung in our neck of the woods yet as the weather man said it would but your post has cheered me :-) Love the planted bike!

Anne said...

I remember in the 70's that skirts with lace or broderie anglaise trims were in fashion.So something like your slip would have been worn underneath so that the bottom trim showed.It has turned out lovely. Also I'm loving the planted up bike, what a bargain!

The Custards said...

A lovely bit of creativity - let us hope for some warmth and sunshine very soon!
Best wishes

Mellie Moo Crochet said...

Oh wow ... you are so clever!! I love the slip and the bike!! x

Dorothy Crutchfield said...

I just love your little slip, it reminds me of the cotton slips my grandmother made when I was a girl.

Jolie said...

Love your bike Lucey. What a great idea!

Simply Scandinavian said...

Great idea, love it.
We will stock the Jeanne d'Arc Magazine it will cost £8.50 plus second class post.
We will have a few bits from their shop as well coming soon.
Carol xxx

Get Crafty said...

Your slip looks so elegant - a perfect way to use that beautiful fabric! Love the bike too - it's just too cute! Thanks for sharing.

Sheila said...

I love your new underskirt! Its so pretty and handy.
I adore your bike too, what a good Mr, now about that sunshine...when you see it can i have some too please?

Kitty M said...

Just fallen in love with your bicycle! xxx

The Violet Teapot said...

What a bargin bike!! and it looks amazing now! x