Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Knitting Socks

I've been wanting to learn how to knit socks for a while now so last week at the knitting class I got some needles, pattern and wool and got started.....not as easy as it looks this 4 needle malarky!!

After a whole week of knitting I'd only managed about 3 inches and when I went to the class last night, Viv, out knitting lady, said not only had I dropped a stitch and  got two holes in the sock but I'd been knitting the wrong way round and my sock was inside out!!

So I pulled it out and started again, taking my time and placing pins in the work so I know which is the right way to knit.

Pics to follow. 

Margaret, one of the Ladies there has been knitting socks for years and she very kindly let me take a pic of hers to show you, Margaret has managed to knit nearly two pairs of socks in a week....what a clever bunny she is.

Such lovely heathery colours in this pair and the other pair are golden shades of Autumn, she knits all the nieces  a pair for Christmas, I wouldn't mind being her niece!!

And talking of colours Mr Lucey has been busy painting the front door, before grey....

and after, "Brinjal"

a lovely rich mulberry colour " from Farrow and Ball.  Love this colour and I've planted some pansies in the basket to match, when they show their pretty little faces.

As I type there's heavy rainy/sleet pouring down the windows and I can hear  thunder....just as  predicted by the weather man!!

Keep warm,

Lucey x


Kandi said...

Well you clever thing for even attempting socks! All those needles it makes me cry even thinking of dpn's!
Your door is looking beautiful and I hope you are keeping well.
Lisa xxx

Swallow Barn said...

I was desperate to knit socks too - I made my first sock earlier this year and have just finished the first sock of a second pair. My first ones were inside out too!!! Good luck!!!

Knittings Nice! said...

Love knitting socks, have you tried on two circular needles, far easier than double ended/ Loving the new colour of front. door/

KC'sCourt! said...

Google :: Knitting socks on two circular needles :: my friend Jan told me about this many years ago - there has been no stopping me since! I even knit childrens jumpers the same way! You don't have needles fally about everywhere.
Julie xxxxxx

Victoria Eales said...

Oh if only I could knit socks - they always sound so difficult, I'll stick to scarves!


Mrs Bertimus said...

Good luck chuck!
Knitting socks must be sooooo difficult!

Josie-Mary said...

I've only knitted one pair & found the toe very hard. I have lots of sock yarn so may give it another go. I love the colour & 2 pairs in a week…. wow!! x