Sunday, 6 November 2011

Is it too early?

Mr Lucey popped into ikea in his lunch hour and brought me this  nice lantern  and candle home last week

well that was it, it started me off feeling all festive especially as I'd just collected the  vintage christmas issue of Homes and Antiques with some lovely free gift tags so I made a cuppa and had a flick through.

Then I decided to stick some cloves in oranges

because  for me christmas wouldn't be christmas without a big bowl of studded oranges this was just a trial run as it will have shrivelled up by christmas!!

Me and Fliss from Joshy and Bell did a swap of magazines, I sent her some interiors mags and in return Fliss sent me some knitting ones,

these will keep me going for a while, I love the old map paper they were wrapped up in

and the card shows  the linen from Queen Mary's dolls house and took some patient lady over 1500 hours to stitch it all, just wonderful.

I also got a book from Jackie at sew special bears, "Laura's handmade life"can't wait to start reading it.

Thanks ladies you're so kind. x

Just before I go and watch Country file when would you consider it the right time to start wearing christmas pj's??

Do you think it's just a tad too early??

Honestly I haven't got them on ....yet!!

Lucey xx


A Blessed Life said...

Lovely post, it all starts on Dec 1st here at home, thats when we do the house and the little ones start wearing their the robin.

Twiggy said...

The robin is too cute. I made our Christmas cake today and I'm starting to feel Christmas giddy already :)
Twiggy x

WinnibriggsHouse said...

We believe the festive season starts as soon as bonfire night is over, (the day I traditionally make our Christmas cake), so PJ's are definitely in now.
PS I love that robin too! x

The Krafty Cupcake said...

I have already watched 3 very cheesy Christmas films! and yes I will be going to see Arthur Christmas next week with my (he'll kill me for this!) 17 year old son! I will be dusting my festive pj's down ready for wearing very soon. I do hold back with the deccies and normally go for the 1st weekend in December. I love it! Sue x

Betty The Wood Fairy said...

For me it all starts December 1st and I gradually add decorations each week - but for you, Christmas pyjamas in November is fine! why not.

LaaLaa said...

I think you should start wearing your jamas whenever you want to, lovely lady. I always put my decs up on the last Thusday of November (so just two and a half weeks!) and start wearing my Christmas PJs from then. xx

Love from Poppy said...

Lovely lantern! I would wear the pjs now, they are lovely.
We put out decs up sometime the first week in December. I cannot wait tho I have collected loads of lovely decorations.

Jelly Jam said...

Oh my I feel like such a bah humbug! In our house we don't put up a tree until after my youngest's birthday on 19th - December that is!!

Ali said...

Lovely post, aah pop them on now!!

Celestial Charms said...

It is never too early for Christmas. I've been listening to Christmas music of late, trying to get motivated to dig out the boxes of ornaments!

Lady Cherry said...

YES! Way too early!!!

mad about bags said...

I bought a christmas snowglobe form TK maxx the other day and what with crafting for the advent swap and feeling decidedly festive!!! i have already consumed numerous mince pies and its not even december yet!!! I will try and hold off until dec 1st but i think its going to be difficult i say go for it!!!

Bee happy said...

Now bonfire night is over I think it's just about the right time to start thinking about christmas!! love your pj's and the snowflakes falling are excellent!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Pretty at Heart said...

I started buying xmas pressies a couple of months ago - havent finished though!
Our decs start going up first weekend of December - mainly because it takes a couple of weekends to get them all up and also because there are so many, I feel they need to stay up for a fair time to make it worth my while.........if you know what I mean. However, once Boxing Day is over, I am always itching to get them down so that I can have a proper clean!

Sweet Williams said...

Lovely pics.
I think I may be fed up of Christmas by the time it actually gets here! My 4yr old has been watching Christmas films since September!!! Christmas shopping almost finished.

And as for PJ's I have been wearing mine for 2 weeks now - and they're fluffy and cosy too with matching fluffy socks!!!

I am in the middle of reading Laura's Handmade Life. I am enjoying.

Emma xx
Ps. I really love the robin

dosierosie said...

I've started wearing mine. November the 5th is usually my benchmark.

Blueberry Heart said...

LOVE the falling snowflakes!! They are really getting me all festive! Today I'm Christmas crafting for a fair next weekend so up to the eyes in red gold and green and glitter galore and loving it!

BH x

I forgot to mention, a while back you posted about a love of pearls (as I do) have you seen Magnolia jewellery before?? Pearls galore! May spot something for your Chrisymas Wish list!!