Tuesday, 30 March 2010


When I get a new magazine I must have a quick flick through straightaway to see whats inside, then when I have time I like to sit down with a cuppa and read through from cover to cover then, after a few days when there's no print left on the pages I take my scissors to it and cut out all the lovely pictures and put them all into a file filled with gorgeousness

This room looks so me, but not with 3 dogs! Maybe I could have a little den all of my own furnished with a couple of white settee's and cushions and curtains made from a faded roses fabric...I wish.

This looks such a cozy nook to have afternoon tea in or a lazy Sunday morning breakfast.

In the second file go lovely shops like this one where Miss Hope and Mr Greenwood sell sweeties all day from their lovely establishment.

Then there's the crafty section that inspires me to make hand sewn gifts, and finally in the back there's the afternoon tea section.

 Although I don't like to cook, I do like to bake and I like nothing better than to seve afternoon tea to friends, cucumber sandwich anyone?

I love baking cakes but sadly I have to eat them all and that's not good for my expanding waistline! It's not that I'm gready (not much) oh no its just I can't see them go to waste and that goes for sweets and especially chocolate where I must eat the whole bar/box at once!

Finally the little pictures go into a journal which I have over 30 of now so as you can imagine I'm never short of something to drool over or make or bake but what I am short of is time, so if you have any to spare please let me have some!

Love Lucey xx


winnibriggs said...

Wow, How much alike are we, except that you actually file your inspirational sheets away whilst mine get cut out and stored in plastic wallets. One day I will sort them...honest! :)

This and That Creations said...

I keep mine in the magazines but it would be nice to cut out my favorite parts of the mag and put them in a journal...then I wouldn't have a 100 magazines everywhere, maybe 1,000...I'll look for Victoria and send it in your box...did you get the Flea Market Finds new magazine? Have fun on your week off lucky lady!

Kissed by an Angel said...

I'm a magazine flicker, I flick read, then do it again loads of times till it's read!!!
I love the cosy nook and picture of the delightful sweet shop! I definitely agree with you about chocolate, if it's open it must be eaten - just in case it goes off overnight!!!!

Purple Sparkle said...

Such a good idea! I should do that too instead of having magazines lying about anywhere and everywhere!
Becky :-)

Florence and Mary said...

I have a huge pile of magazines I plan to go through over the weekend and do this very thing.

Victoria xx

karen said...

I get so excited about a new magazine or even catalogue!!! Like you I have to have a peep first, then find the right moment to then devour every page. Love it!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

That's my pleasure at the week-end!whith my cats around, some good music and a cup of hot chocolate.
Wish i could receive my favourite English magazines here in France!as English Home,Coast-living by the sea,Marie-claire and many many others.
Each trip to England means about 10 magazines bought;and i looove the country so much!

melanie said...

I also cut out all the lovely photies and glue them into my special fabric backed notebook, so that I can pick it up whenever, and be filled with inspiration. xxx

Kitty M said...

I covet all my old copies of Country Homes and Interiors and Country Living - they are all stacked up, next to the fireplace :-)

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling popped in to wish you and your family a joyous and blessed Easter.

Love & Hugs

clare's craftroom said...

What a great idea , you'll never be short on inspiration with all those lovely things !