Sunday, 21 March 2010

Help needed...

Off we went on Tuesday to the stitch and bitch class where I managed to get the hang of the granny squares.

I chose some nice coloured wools and a  hook and got started.

After I'd done the first one the rest were easy or so I thought!!!

I sort of had one eye on the telly and one eye on the pattern and somehow the finished 

 square come out bigger than the others.

I think I got mixed up with the htr/tr stitches, but all in all I find it so easy unlike my friend Barbara who is left handed and feels like she has 10 fingers on each hand when she tries to hold the hook!!! 

So far she's only managed to make the chain and nobody else is left handed so  I think she's getting a bit impatient, so if anyone has any advice to give she'd be ever so grateful..

Thanks ever so,

Love Lucey xx


Kissed by an Angel said...

Well done with the granny squares!! they look good!! I've come to a stand still with mine!!!
Kelly is left handed and I tried to show her how to crochet, but she just can't get it!! I don't know anyone who can crochet left handed!!!

made with love said...

Looking good Lucey. I started crochet and ended up with them different sizes. It's all to do with tension apparently:(
Sorry can't help with the lefthanded crochet.
Have fun,
Rachael XX

topchelseagirl said...

Well done! Crochet is on my list of things to do this year, it looks so tricky though.

twiggypeasticks said...

I'm left handed too and my Mum has tried to teach me to crochet to no avail. It just feels so awkward, the strange thing is although I'm no great knitter, I can actually manage to knit basic stuff ok. My Dad taught me when I was about 9 :)
I'm determined to crack it though so if I do succeed I'll share my technique!
Twiggy x

Marmalade Yarns said...

hi, love your blog by the way, anyway a bit of help from a left handed crocheter! dont forget that when you crochet, left handers go the other way, ie, right to left. if you are showing her let her watch as if she is mirroring. other than that you just have to find your own way of holding the hook. tension when learning makes the square an odd shape, it will get better as you practice, keep trying, lol maxine

Marmalade Yarns said...

sorry thats left to right, i never know which is which!

Rachel M said...

I learned to crochet (right handed) last year and taught myself by watching video tutorials on youtube. Here's a link to a left handed tutorial. I hope this helps.

maryannlucy said...

I know how to do the square I am doing, but I couldn't tell you if I am doing tr or dr or whatever they are called, and lefthanded? sorry, can't help. Your squares are looking great.

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

What a fab craft Crochet is! I'd love to be able to do it. Xx said...

Love your squares. I am trying.. slowly to teach myself! suzie xxx

Kelly said...

Us lefties are just not meant for crochet! I just dont get it! I'll stick with knitting!!!

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

I run a crochet class and have also taught lots of children to crochet so I know about the leftie problem. Find a confident crochet person and get her to hold the hook in the left hand and slowwly go through the motions if your person has been crocheting for many years the brain seems to cope with this - at least enough for the learner to work out chain and treble. Also as someone else has said we all find our own hand position
Good luck
Louise x

The Girl said...

I'm a left handed crocheter!

Just finally getting the hang of it (posted about it last week) but it's taken a loooong time. I found it less useful when people showed me what to do and much more useful to sit at home with pictures and work it out myself.

I basically reverse everything the right handed person does and it seems to come out ok!

Failing that I'm sure the internet can come to the rescue with some left handed crochet vids on you tube or directions on blogs/web-pages. Tell her to stick with it because I nearly gave up so many times!!

Thirty Plus and Holding said...

I know I am a bit late, there is an awesome woman on youtube where I recently learnt to crochet as a lefty too I feel Barbara's pain!
This woman also has an amazing blog for both lefties and righties.
Here is the link to her youtube

and her blog is here

there is also another great crochet and knit community that can be found here
tonnes of advice, free patterns,and a tool to organize all your stash, patterns and needles