Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I'm going on a picnic...

Me and Mr Lucey  have a week off work, yippee,

 so we popped down to York today and what did I buy, this gorgeous picnic hamper,


complete with sandwich and cake boxes,  plates, napkins, knives, forks, spoons, salt and pepper for 4 people all for the princely sum of £15!!

Ok so it is a disposable hamper and not wicker but hey what do you want for £15.

All we need are  a few  sandwiches and a cake,  a flask of tea or even a bottle of wine (it's strange how I think of wine as soon as an event is mentioned!!) and I'm off on a picnic, let's hope the weather stays as nice. I can't see me  "disposing" of my picnic basket though, well not until it's had a few outings anyway!!

While I was in York I met a new friend, Jenny.

 Jenny owns Bespoke Country and we've "spoke" a few times by e mail so I called in to meet her "in person" and she's lovely, but then I knew she would be!!

Jenny has shops in York, Whitby and Scarborough which she runs with Victoria and they stock lovely things  like this tea cosy that I was tempted to buy!!

Round in the "Shambles" I found a shop that had balls of wool in all the colours of the rainbow, now what could you knit with that apart from a rainbow!!

How cute is this fluffy "green" sheep, I think that's boucle wool??

Also in the Shambles there's a tiny bakers (I've forgotten the name of it) but it sells the most wonderful home made bread but you must get there early as it closes as soon as it sells out which is usually just after dinner, the marmite and cheese is our favourite.

Just before I go to the "land of nod" I never imagined the response I'd have to the button swap in my previous post, in fact I wasn't even sure if anyone would  be interested, so thanks girls for all your support and I hope your dreams are full of "buttons"!!!

Night all,

Lucey xx


WinnibriggsHouse said...

What a great find. Hope you are blessed with some of the weather we have been enjoying and get plenty of use out of that basket. Have also chatted to Jenny at Bespoke Country and will make sure we call next time in York.
Have a good break.
Jenny x

quiltjude said...

Oh so pretty, have a great picnic, p.s. love your yellow mini. :)

Riddlers cottage flowers said...

I just love Cath K too! Pleased you are having a great time enjoying reading about the thinks you are seeing and eating.Lesley x

delia hornbook said...

What a neat idea the hamper is really cute and you have to love a picnic ;-) Love that little sheep how cute is that ;-)) dee x

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

What a lovely little hamper. I think if I had one I'd be tempted to use the boxes for stashing pretty things.

Have a lovely picnic Lucey, enjoy your time off work xx

dosierosie said...

Love the hamper. I keep being promised a trip to York might have to mention it again.

Mandy said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Love the CK picnic hamper. I've been into Jennys shop a few times. Full of gorgeousness isn't it? xxx

WoodbankCrafts said...

I love the hamper, what a fab idea. I've been to York once and do fancy going again but it's quite a drive just for the day :) x

LaaLaa said...

Lovely post! The hamper is gorgeous. I can't wait for the button swap. xxx

Jenny at Red House said...

Hi Lucey, it was great to meet you in the shop, I'm so glad you had a lovely day, shopping in York can sometimes go either way! jennyx

Jewel said...

I can't stop thinking about buttons! I've already gone out and found some today and starting to think of what to make! Can't wait! x

Liz said...

I love visiting York. Looks like you had a great time.

Lady Cherry said...

What a bargain! I love York, haven't been for years though. Must get there soon :)

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

your hamper's gorgeous x