Thursday, 21 March 2013

My Parcel Has Arrived

I had a huge smile on my face on Tuesday as I come in the front door, laid  on the mat was the "vintage" parcel I'd been waiting for!

Let's start at the beginning.

I bought a vintage overall  that was too big,

so I tried to put a nip and a tuck  here and there and even a belt round but it still didn't look right, 

then I read that the lovely Rachelle from "Ted and Agnes" blog was making skirts and frocks.

 I ordered the  "rose and peony" skirt from Rachell and I was ever so pleased with it, so I asked her  if she could "snippety snip" the overall and make it into a skirt for me and guess what, "she only said "yes"!!

Rachelle did a marvellous job with it as it now fit's "like a glove" and I'm ever so pleased, it has a lovely pocket on the front and red lace on the bottom....pure granny chic!!

I stitched some buttons down the side and with the pieces  that were left over I made a flower  brooch that my lovely friend Mandy showed me how to make,

I stitched a few red stones in the middle to give it a bit of "sparkle"
 and with Jenny from "The Custard's" expert guidance I made a purse to match.

I lined the inside with some white linen 

and pinned my lovely Cath kidston strawberry brooch on the front, with Jenny's help I found it quite easy to make, the bit I was worried about was getting the glue all over the place, but I didn't.

So there we are one vintage overall = a skirt, purse and brooch, I'm loving this "upcycling" malarky I'll have to see what else I've got!!

Lucey xx


Dorothy Crutchfield said...

You did a great job on the purse!
And I love that red lace peeking out!

LaaLaa said...

Ooh, what a gorgeous post! I love it all! really, really gorgeous. x

KC'sCourt! said...

Lovely post. Lovely colours, love the flower and the purse too.
Julie xxxxx

Tracy said...

What a lovely post, lots of lovely makes from one item, was the purse very hard to make?

Greenorchid said...

fabulous!! Love all three...

The Custards said...

Very well done Grasshopper - you have learnt you remember that programme?

Seriously - well done all looks smashing
Best wishes

Carol said...

Fabulous! What great upcycling, love the red lace, very ooh la la!
Carol xx

Swallow Barn said...

wow - love the red lace on the skirt and love the purse!

Nikki x

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

You've really done it this time! this is fabulous - a really fab post - you are the queen of upcycle. Don't leave those skirts on the line or I might just be tempted! The purse is such a pretty creation, your brooch I just love too (I still wear my green wool brooch that you sent me on our swap often). Bettyx

Mezz said...

what a wonderful upcycling project!hope the skirt gets a lot of wears! mezz

The Custards said...

Hopping back to add that 'Patience Grasshopper' was the saying heard in 'Kung Fu' TV programme back in the 70s....I am old...
Best wishes

Kay said...

Wow, you did a great job. They are all gorgeous. I bet someone is really sad about giving up a pinny now they can see what they were missing out on.

Bobo Bun said...

I can't believe you managed to get a skirt whipped up from the fabric in a pinny, let alone all those other fab makes. Such gorgeous fabric, love the addition of the red net trim to the skirt.