Tuesday, 5 March 2013

What I Found In A Box

I went to an Antique/Collectors fair which to be honest was more junk than anything else but there were a few gems lurking about if you looked, and look I did for I come across a tatty old box full of bits and pieces.

After I'd bartered with the stall holder and paid quite a bit less than she'd asked  I grabbed my box and was out of the doors like a flash.
Back home I carefully took the things out of the box, one by one, 
a dollies nightie, 

little blue coat and hat,
a pinny 

and some knitted stockings.

So I  washed them all and hung them on the line to dry, very carefully, as they looked like they'd been in there  for years and some of them had holes in them and I didn't want to damage them

Once dry I decided to display my "washing line" in the bathroom, 

where if I say so myself it looks lovely!!

There was loads of other bits in the box like pieces of linen and lace, an old plastic purse with tiny toys inside that you used to find in  Christmas crackers and these old hand knitted mitts,

with the name G E Wright inside, who was that I wonder??

And finally....a wonderful flowered pinny with elasticated waist, I added the doily pocket for my hanky,
talk about gems I'd say "treasure" more like!

Lucey x


KC'sCourt! said...

What lovely finds and love what you have done with the dolly clothes
Julie xxxxxxx

Dorothy said...

Awesome! You did good, love the little clothesline hanging in the bathroom, what a cute idea!

Vintage Jane said...

Ahh, I love how you have pegged the dolly clothes up!
M x

Rubyred said...

Great finds! The gloves are gorgeous! Love the upcycled Skirt that you bought from Rachelle!
Rachel x

Liz said...

Oh, how sweet!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Florence and Mary said...

This makes me so nostalgic for when I'd wash my dolls clothes and iron them in the garden!

Victoria xx

VintageVicki said...

Cute finds - love the idea of the little washing line :)

Carol said...

Now that really was buried treasure.
Carol xx

Daisy said...

What a fabulous find! Lucky you! xx

Anonymous said...

So So sweet
Thea x

Mezz said...

such a lovely box of surprises u found!

i bet each piece has a fascinating story...


The Custards said...

Lovely gloves and a very lovely aprong too - the flowers are very seasonal and just right for this time of year
Best wishes

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

treasure indeed, dolls clothes are very sweet