Friday, 8 March 2013

Hovis Loaf

Today has been one of those cold, drizzly days
so I decided to make some bread in my lovely Hovis loaf tins,

we got  them from Tanner & Lawson  in  London's Columbia Road when we were there at Christmas.

Above the shelf was a card explaining how a small family bakery had closed down in Wales due to a  supermarket opening up so Tanner & Lawson acquired the stock of Hovis tins used for generations to bake the wonderful bread.

It goes on to say they now have a new life as planters for herbs or to hold pens.

Not my Hovis tins, they're to carry on baking bread in, I'd butter you a slice but there's only a few crumbs left.....

Lucey x


Alison said...

What lovely old tins, your bread looks scrumptious.

simplyvintage said...

Lovely tins and fab looking bread, bet it tasted wonderful.

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

Good for you! and good old Hovis. Your loaves look so yummy.

Jille said...

How lovely! Old things just make me happy. I can imagine that your bread tastes amazing.
Jille xx

Noelle the dreamer said...

I envy you! Lucey, ex-RAF hubby says you own a little piece of Home!
Happy Woman's Day by the way!

Mezz said...

how lovely.

mezz x

Liz said...

So glad you are using them to bake bread. Looks delicious.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Anne said...

Loving the tins, its nice you are using them for their original use and not growing things in them.
Sadly in our house any foodie makes dont last long either!

Swallow Barn said...

What a great find! Your bread looks fantastic!

Nikki x

Carol said...

Wow your loaves look amazing! I have given up on bread making, mine are like ton weights.
Love the tins.

Sea Angels said...

I love it when things get writing on like your hovis loaves, so clever and they look amazing.. I would just love a slice with some butter and jam oh so scrumptious xx
Hugs Lynn xxx

John Tanner said...

Tanner & Lawson

Hello, we are sooo happy you are using these to bake bread again. All that heritage in every loaf you bake! Hopefully the first of many more.

See you again soon!