Thursday, 7 October 2010


The type of book I like to read is set about 100 years ago and the family haven't got two ha'pennines to rub together and their bath night consists of a tin bath in front of the fire, a tiny piece of carbolic soap and a raggy towel,  and the whole family got in the same bathwater!!

Some years later here's what my bath night consists of...

the all essential hair dye, not that I have many grey hairs you understand!

a selection of bubble bath,

some "soap and glory" body scrub that smells of strawberries,

a fluffy towel and some body lotion,

nail varnish, heel balm and tweezers.

There's also candles, a glass of wine and a magazine, do I realy need all of this???

If my nan was still here she'd say "when I was a girl all we had was a tin bath and a little bit of soap"!!

Love Lucey xxx


Anonymous said...

That isn't quite a copper bath in front of the fire now is it? Us ladies all need a little pamper now and then..x

Butterfly said...

Ahhh I know what you mean, I have two bathroom cupboards bursting at the seams with goodies - it feels a little greedy but my gran would have loved it ha ha xx

The Hausfrau said...

Oh, who cares if you need it or not? It looks wonderful--enjoy! BTW, my husband has a dark blue Mini with checkerboard mirrors!

Lucy said...

Ohhhh, your bath night looks divine!

Florence and Mary said...

Can I come round yours for a bath please?!

Victoria xx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Catherine Cookson bath scene it ain't! Lol!!

jordiegirl said...

It's not that long ago when we used to bath in a tin bath in our kitchen in front of the fire!!! Hey, and I'm only 54!!!! Never mind a 100 years ago!

Isn't it luxury to just turn on the hot tap and have instant hot water instead of boiling the kettle to fill the bath tub, which took so long to do that the water you had already added to the bath was now stone cold - as of course we didn't have central heating either!!!

Pea Green Kitty said...

You are so right!!
I like to make a real meal of my bathtime with all my pampering goodies!

Saying that, even I remember bath times when I was a child. We didnt have central heating in our old cottage so I would jump out of the bath, mum would wrap me in huge towels and I would run down the stairs to get warm and dry off in front of the fire..... Good times!


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

What a lovely selection of toiletries (I'm addicted to them myself!). Does the Cath Kidston stuff smell as good as it looks?

Love your blog - I'm your newest follower!