Sunday, 22 May 2011

Planning a picnic.

On monday I had a trip to Stockesley to meet my friend Shirly and before lunch we browsed around the handful of nice shops, "oooing and arring" over all the lovely things, I saw these lovely vintage cup cake cases, which I just had to have!!

Back home I looked on the website, and found they sold all afternoon tea related things to match, so quick as a flash out come the credit card and while I was at work yesterday the postie delivered me some lovely goodies.

At the back of the picture is a gorgeous two tier cake stand with reversable plates that have the most beautiful flowers on them, I can see a vanilla slice or two on there mmmmmm.

I got four long plates to hold sandwiches, sausage rolls or "loaf" shaped cakes on, they come in two designs

and no tea party is set without a tea pot, but this one isn't for tea it's for flowers, it's got plastic inside that you pop the flowers into and you have a "tea pot" vase,

or it would look nice with some little violas planted in it.

You can buy it all from

I can't wait for the Bank holiday weekend  as I'm planning a picnic somewhere nice and, as it's all disposable there's no china to break, of course I'll be giving it a wipe down to use again as it's far too nice to throw away after one use!!

Have you got any picnic's planned???

Love Lucey xx


Liz said...

What pretty things! Must check out that website!

Florence and Mary said...

I've seen this range around and it's lovely isn't it!

I haven't any picnics planned so far but after the success of my seaside one at my brothers I intend to have many more this Summer

Victoria xx

dosierosie said...

That looks great, I have a picnic planned for next month might have to have a look.

Betty said...

I love your teapot Lucey - hope the weather holds out for your picnic. Bettyx

dani_loves said...

oooo these are lovely, the website have given me lots of ideas for my birthday tea party, the little saucer crackers are very sweet :)

A Blessed Life said...

O'h dear more temptation lol will have a look but these things are just lovely can't wait to see where you take them.

Kelly said...

Oh no!!! You know I'm going to have to get something now!!!!!

delia hornbook said...

oohh Lucy there great love it all. I will have to check that site out. Enjoy your picnic ;-)) And have a great week, dee x

magpie chic said...

How fabulous! i love that little teapot vase especially.

Riddlers cottage flowers said...

Yes have had a look at web site love it, all will try and get some for open gardens.Lesleyx.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen these they are very pretty think i'm going to pop over and check them out,
Love Kristina x

Amanda said...

Love this range lucey will be going camping in the summer with family and friends this is a must have,how pretty is it :)