Tuesday, 31 May 2011

May's Monthly Makes...

My needles have been well and truly busy this month as I was delighted to have two partners in the button swap, so what did I make for Mandy and Wendy???

They both got a covered notebook

brooches with flowery buttons on,

 a lavender bag each,

and some hand made "buttony" gift tags to go on their parcels.

(I'll show you what else I sent to the girls in another post)

When I saw this sindy pram in Alexa's bedroom I sneaked it home to make some bedding for it as it was looking rather sorry for itself.


I made a matress out of some wadding and a cotton hankie,

and a sheet that I edged with little heart shaped buttons,

 then I made  pillow and quilt from some  pretty CK paisley fabric and, as dolly had no clothes on  I croched her a pink dress and hat. I thought the fabric suited the blue pram but Alexa is a "pink" girl and said "I wanted it pink spotty grandma"!!

  Anyone know where I can get pink spotty fabric???

I've also been making "granny squares" to make into a picnic blanket, I have loads of balls of wool so I thought I'd  use them up and make it colourful!!

And that's it for this month, did you make anything nice??

Love Lucey xx



Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Wow! I am exhausted just thinking of how busy you have been. The Sindy pram is so lovely - I have never seen one like that before.

I am really loving how you have done those book covers x

Isobel said...

Lovely makes, Lucey. Specially the notebook covers. :)

KC'sCourt! said...

Love the swap makes and I love the Dolly pram
Julie xxxxxx

charl said...

you have made some lovely things..i love the covered notebooks and the the little pram blanket.. i remember my mum making me a quilted blanket for my first dolly pram awww !!


Anonymous said...

I love those notebooks! :o)

C x

potterjotter said...

You really made the little pram come alive with your pretty bedding. Pink spots indeed! And the gift tags are so sweet - what a lovely idea.

Florence and Mary said...

That Sindy pram just brought back so many childhood memories!

Victoria xx