Friday, 12 October 2012

Country Cottage

Where does the time go?

One minute I'm telling you about a visit to the country and the next it's a week later, so I'd better get my finger out and show you my  friends cottage as tomorrow I'm off to somewhere special and I'll have another story to tell...

 Shirly has moved into a lovely little cottage in a village just outside of Thirsk  and what a pretty village it is

when I got there the sun was shining  so we sat on the bench in the front  drinking tea and eating freshly bakes cheese scones, 

inside the cottage  there are rafters on the ceiling, and rosey curtains at the windows,

through to the kitchen where there was a bit of a "chicken" theme going on and Shirly told me that when I go next time there will be chickens in the garden and maybe a freshly laid egg or two for  breakfast.

For lunch we had cheese toasties and  a slice each of that victoria sponge that was as light as a feather.

Outside there was a large courtyard with some raised beds where Shirly is going to grow potatoes and carrots, "hello  Miss Daisy",   through the gate was a walled garden with an old stable that still had the hay rack high up on the wall, this will make an excellent home for all the garden tools

there's a border been dug and some plants put in, Shirly loves gardening and I'm sure before winter sets in the garden will be "all done"!!

 From the street  the cottage looks really small but you can see how far back it goes,

there's some lovely houses along the street so we walked over the green to take some photos.

This one has beautiful windows I've never seen them set like that before,

and they all had benches outside where you could sit and watch the world go by,

 "Old Joiner's Workshop" I'd have loved a peak in there

I love the topiary in this garden how neat is that?

 Just across from the cottage  is the village church  it will be lovely at Christmas to hear the bells pealing and carols being sung

oh to live in a village would be heaven especially one as pretty as this.

Tomorrow I'm off to Pickering for the 40's weekend, I've got the dress and the shoes just hope it doesn't rain!

Lucey x


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Her cottage looks very cosy, she will be all snug this winter! Have a great weekend! Ada :)

Dorothy said...

What a beautiful village. And your friend's house is so pretty. I love the chicken theme and that beautiful cat looks just like my beloved Evinrude.

simplyvintage said...

The cottage is beautiful. Enjoy your 40's weekend. Linda xxx

Betty said...

Its avery pretty cottage, we have often dreamed of moving near thirsk - its alovely area - your friend must be very smitten. betty x

moleymakes said...

What a lovely village and cosy home. I often daydream about living in a sweet little cottage in a picturesque village. Instead I live in a 1950s built council home in a 1950s built new town. Not too pretty but it's home :)

Anne said...

Wow, what a fantastic little village, the sort I dream of living in one day! Hope you enjoy the 40's day at Pickering.

Noelle the dreamer said...

Oh dear! I am ready to move in! Absolutely lovely (and with the church so near, I can just hear the bells...I miss this so much!)
Thanks for sharing and a warm hello from the Pacific NW coast,

Anonymous said...

It all looks so pretty, lots of homes in Cornwall have a bench in the front garden, so lovely in the sunshine
Thea x

Carol said...

Looks idyllic.
Carol xx

Amy said...

What a lovely cottage for sure. To live across from a church would be lovely. When I was a little girl I used to spend the night and sleep in bedroom. From her bedroom window I could see the church steeple and the bells would ring every half hour. I am following you. Please stop by and follow me at Pinehurst Cottage. Come with us on our journey to find a vacation cottage and the renovation of it. I would love to have your input! ~Amy