Tuesday, 18 May 2010



 A couple of weeks ago Mel from "mel mel at home" sent me a pattern to make a "stanley dog"

of course this involved a browse around e bay for the right fabric!

I dusted down the sewing machine that's been in the cupboard for a couple of years, and set to, I was amazed at how easy it was with a pattern. Now I can run up a pair of curtains or cushion covers but in all my 53 years I've never sewn from a pattern before.


Here he is, one pink, quite well made, (said me!) Stanley, I don't think he's too happy being made with pink fabric so I'm going to make another one in the cowboy fabric that should put a smile on his face.

I filled him with beans instead of toy stuffing as I think it looks better.

I've also  been crocheting lots of brooches and I now have a different one for just about every outfit!

Even my shopping bag has one pinned on, well it needed prettying up a little didn't it???
Of course I couldn't just put the shopper in my bag, oh no, I had to make a bag for it (I know I know far too much time on my hands!!!)

Another e bay find was a red riding hood book to go in my collection which I love,


and just look at these pretty vintage slides, there was another one but Alexa has it in her hair, I got them from kitschen pink

arn't they great??

I think I've rambled on enough for today so I'll go and make a fresh pot of tea  and a fresh cream scone, tonights our "stitch and bitch" session,  we seem to talk more than stitch, but thats what us women do best!!

Bye for now

Lucey xx


Florence and Mary said...

Stanley is so cute!

Victoria xx

VintageVicki said...

Stanley looks great - I have a pattern for one - one day I shall make it up.

Love your LB book too :)

Pixiedust said...

Love the stanley and bag for your bag. xxx

LittleGem said...

Hi Lucey,
Thanks for the lovely comment on the cotton reels.
Your Stanley looks fab - love the material.
Please don't worry about sending me any ribbon, I think I might use it to display some of the ribbons I've bought from Patch!

Itch2stitch.com said...

I love a pretty girlie Stanley! He is a real cutie! suzie xx

Anonymous said...

Hello that stanley in fabulous very cute my daughter has been nagging me to make her one after she saw it in the cath kidston catalogue .
And a bag cover how ingenious a perfect for that unruly bag

Anonymous said...

Wow! What darling creations~Stanley looks so cute. He's full of beans (my mom used to say that). Love your crocheted red posey. The Red Riding Hood book is so cute. I love the hair slides,too. Don't think I could pull of the look, though, at 50 yrs of age....unless I get a bob haircut or something.
I have to admit I'm a bit jealous of the wondie CK fabrics you bought from ebay.

Anonymous said...

He is fabulous. So clever, I wouldn't have thought of using that fabric but it's super.xx

Mary Poppins said...

Your stanley is so cute, well done :0) The lovely Mel Mel, made me the cutest one, she is very clever too. the lineny fabric i get from Ikea, don't know if you have one close to you but they often have a nice little selection in, hope that helps a little XX

Kissed by an Angel said...

Love Stanley!!! You clever thing!!!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Hey Kitty, thanks for the visit! Love the Stanley - if you want the original 3d / four legged pattern - impossible to get now - I can send you a copy! You can see him on the right column in my blog.

I also do a monthly giveaway of 70 felt squares - all different colours on 28th of every month! I am off to see other fellow 'Happy' bloggers xxx

Alchamillamolly said...

Hello there just reading your post about Northallerton - its where I live! You have also posted about my favourite shops in Stokesley as well. I bought some gorgeous faux stocks last year and had them in a vase on the table in the kitchen, everyoen walked over and said 'Oooh stocks, how lovely' and I had to tell them. They are nice in both of those shops as well as the Gallery on that street. I bought two lovely cut out paper pictures from an exhibitioon recently. Next time you are in Saltburn have a look on Milton Street at Eliza's jewellery, the new Gallery at the bank on the corner, and there is a lovely vintage and retro shop on the same road.

I too love Saltburn by Sea and especially the Valley Gardens - had some nice kisses there in my youth as I am from New Marske so it was local to me!!

magpie chic said...

Love that Stanley! I don't think he would mind being pink actually, but cowboys would be FAB! I wish i had bought that Cath Kidston sew book when i sdaw it!
You're on a roll now Lucy with that sewing machine.

winnibriggs said...

Love your Stanley, am off to find a pattern now for my own! Your corsages are great too.