Thursday, 12 December 2013

Busy Times

With less than two weeks to go till the big day it's been a busy time here in the Lucey household. We've had sickness (me) a fall (me) a  birthday (mr lucey), shopping in York (me)  cupboards cleaned out and goodies squirelled away and the house turned into a Christmas grotto...phew!

I got a  lovely box of  decorations on good old e bay,

 a box from the charity shop for £3 along with some Christmas crackers,

and a bit of help decorating the tree from a little lady,

butter wouldn't melt!!

The stockings are hung,

the candles are lit,

 Cards are  posted and the presents are wrapped up so my "to do" list is getting shorter, I've still  got  oranges ready to be decorated with cloves, oh and a party on Saturday must be Christmas!

Lucey x


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Oh those vintage baubles, they don't make 'em like they used put me to shame, I'm soooo behind! :) x

Ali said...

Beautiful pictures love them all - you are so organised you dont fancy nipping through here and getting me sorted do you??? lol xxx (enjoy your party x)

Josie-Mary said...

Sounds like you're very organised, I haven't even thought about what to buy people :( x

The Cloth Shed said...

Cards posted? Tree up? You are so organised!
I haven't even thought about it yet.... Must get a wiggle on after our last Fair on Sunday.
Julie x

Anonymous said...

Its all looking exciting and festive
Hope you are all feeling better
Thea x

moonstruckcreations said...

Every year I promise myself I will be more organised. However, it never works out, Im waaaaaay behind eek!!

Love those decorations!


VintageVicki said...

Looking lovely :) Planning on getting my wrapping finished and cards written this weekend :)

We do have a tree & decs up though.

The Custards said...

'Tis the season....
Lovely decorations

I am rather partial to an old bauble or two - they are soooo inviting are'n't they. My eldest sister has given me several boxes of them over the years - oh dear!
Have a lovely time
Best wishes

Victoria Eales said...

I love the Hello Kitty hat I think I need one!


Amanda said...

How I love those vintage baubles.