Sunday, 7 November 2010

Charity shop finds...

My friend Shirly lives in Thirsk and the charity shops there have far nicer things in them than where I live, and a few weeks ago Shirly gave me a little parcel of knives, forks and spoons that she'd bought for me.

One of the forks was extra long and had sort of "hooks"  on the outside so I presumed this was a sort of fork for "stabbing" pickled onions, these ones pictured below are very "petite" with long prongs
and I wasn't quite sure what they would be used for.

Also in the bag was this spoon with holes in it and another fork with 6 prongs on it and I must admit I was quite baffled by what they would be used for.

Now you all know I have a love for magazines and especially at christmas time and this morning I picked up 3, (shhhhh  don't tell Mr Lucey!) 

One of them was homes and antiques and there was an article called "dress to impress" which was about tables laid with sparkling silver and exquisite porcelain,

and there was a picture of some forks and spoon  just like mine!!

It turns out these long delicate items are "cake forks" and the spoon  is a "sugar spoon" ohhhh it sounds  ever so romantic doesn't it?

The piccy above is of a "fish" knife and fork but my fork has 6 prongs and not 4 so I'm not sure if it is a fish fork or not, any ideas??

I was right about the "pickling " fork and love this one priced at £9 very reasonable me thinks.

As I've been very busy this afternoon sitting on my bum reading magazines!!, Mr Lucey has been baking and the smell from the kitchen made my mouth water, he'd made a date, wallnut and banana loaf,

absolutely delicious easten with one of my new found cake forks of course.

I just have time to get out my polishing cloth before its time to turn on the tv and "sprinkle" sugar on my hot chocolate with my new spoon.


Lucey xxx


winnibriggs said...

What a lovely present and even nicer to 'solve' the mystery of their original use. We have several of the pickle forks from my MIL and some lovely cake forks, but no suger spoon. I have seen these in antique fairs for quite a lot of pennies, so you have a real find there.

Ali said...

Do you hire your oh out??? I finally managed to track down a copy of the Chrismas magazine you showed pics of a couple of posts ago... thought I wasn't going to find it - but eventually in good old asda!!

The Vintage Kitten said...

Lovely forks, what a great find X

jordiegirl said...

Lovely gifts.

I knew the fork was for pickles as we have one given to us by our neighbour when he was moving in with his daughter. I guessed the spoon with the holes was for sprinkling sugar.

I have a lovely old bone handled jam spoon and butter knife which belonged to my mother - I should photograph them and blog about them I suppose.

Jille said...

What lovely finds! I love using old bits and pieces and food tastes so much better!
Jille x


really lovely spoons and forks, found in my birth town thirsk, great find, so elegant ,very Downton Abbeyish I think!!great for the christmas table. I have not found any treasures in charity shops recently,lean pickings indead.that cake has made very hungry woman, can i have a slice,any left? have a great week ,Linda x x

Pea Green Kitty said...

Oh My Goodness!! You have a Hubby that bakes??!! You lucky girl.
Your sppons and forks are a fab find, Love them.
I need to get myself a Christmassy Mag, I think it is time to start getting in the mood now that Guy Fawkes and Halloween are over with.

delia hornbook said...

Hi Lucey,

What a lovely present. Love the forks and i adore the spoon how cute is that and i agree very romantic ;-) And the cake looks mouth watering yummy to...Enjoy Dee x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

The cutlery is gorgeous, I love how delicate the cake forks are!

The decorative work ob=n the spoon and fork is amazing - vintage cutlery has so much detail!

Celestial Charms said...

Lovely, lovely, matter what their intended purpose is. Cake looks delicious, too.

Primrose Patch said...

What a lovely friend giving you such a great present. I too am fond of magazines, I had a big sort out of mime this morning, it breaks my heart to throw the old ones out but they were taking over my bedroom!! Thank you for your kind comments, the pattern is in Japanese with diagrams to follow. To save giving you cobbled instructions, if you go to Marmalade Rose blog you will find an excellent tutorial for the same one. Happy Hooking. Denise x