Monday, 21 February 2011

The button box...

Buttons, buttons, buttons, any shape, size or colour, we love them all!!

When a cornish school appealed for vintage buttons so they could make bracelets to support the school they received a box donated by a dressmaker in her eighties. When they went through the box it was obvious it had never been tipped out and they could date the layers  of  buttons and rather than hide them away in the box the mothers made them into brooches, bracelets, rings, neclaces and hairbands and have not only given the buttons a new lease of life but have raised the school over £1000.

(Sorry about the quality of the pics but its a rainy grey afternoon)

How marvelous to think that 1. an old lady would give away her precious box of buttons and 2. some lucky people are now wearing beautiful jewellery.

This second article is labled "the button box" and it reads,

"My dream button box would contain as many beautiful and exquisite buttons as possible"

So I was thinking what would be in my dream button box??

I like the idea of old glass jars filled with rainbow coloured buttons, and I like buttons on cards displayed on cake plates but most of all I like mother of pearl buttons scattered in this very old music box that belonged to my dear old nan.

How do/would you like to display your buttons???

I'll make a brooch with one of my pearly buttons for the person with the best "button" comment.

The hurdy gurdy plays a beautiful tune but I don't know the name of it!!

Love Lucey xx


Country Cottage Chic said...

I used to love playing with my Grandmother's & Great Aunt's button tins when I was a tiny tot. They didn't only have buttons in there though & I have acquired a selection of Victorian name brooches in silver as a result of my diligant sorting! They were probably given as christening gifts.

My old buttons are kept in a cantilever sewing box & I just like to admire them now & again.


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I cannot resist putting my hand right down inside my giant button jar - it is one of those plant bottles really! Heaven, upon heaven having all those buttons swishing through my fingers!!

Florence and Mary said...

I was playing with my nan's button tin the other day! It brought back so many memories of playing with it as a child.

Victoria xx

delia hornbook said...

awww bless that old lady what a little treasure trove that must have been and what a great use of ideas to turn them into that really touched my heart and im sure it would have done hers to. I keep my buttons in an old vintage tin, have a lovely week, dee x

Twiggy said...

What a sweet story. My button collection has buttons I've bought, new and vintage, buttons from my Mum and buttons from the clothes we've worn over the years. They are all in a big Quality Street tin. They are divided into colours but to be honest I have an urge to mix them all up and play with them!!
Twiggy x

Lucy said...

I love the idea of being able to peel back the layers of buttons and go back in time, how lovely.

I love my button tin too. After my Mam died I came across her old button tin and it was so full of memories, all the buttons cut off all our old clothes - worth a thousand photographs!


Lucey , send me an email and we shall have afternoon tea and a big chatter some time sooon.. Linda x

funkymonkey said...

I make necklaces from buttons and have quite a few to match different outfits now. I love buttons and many others do too from the number of times I read about them on blogs and I think everyone must remember the button tins from home when they were children.


Floss said...

Oh, buttons, buttons, buttons! I have inherited my grandmother's and my mother's buttons, although a lot of them are still in my father's house. While my mother was ill we revisited our childhoods, going through the boxes, remembering what grandma had told us about this button or that, and, in my mother's case, reminicing about her childhood jacket with the sail-boat buttons (one is featured on my blog header). Some of the buttons came over to France with me then, as gifts from my mum to join my rather excessive personal collection. Others are still sitting in mother-of-pearl decorated oriental boxes at my father's house. I'm rather keen to leave them in place for the moment.

maryannlucy said...

My button tin never had the button I need, but I love spreading them all out and having a very good luck - just in case.

gill said...

Most of my buttons are in a big tub and yes the one I need is always at the bottom! but I keep a few colours in glass jars on the mantelpiece in my sewing room where the sun can catch them!

Miss Magpie said...

I spent HOURS as a child playing with either my Mum's or my Nan's button tin. I loved sorting them all into the right colours and sizes. Happy days.

Lady Cherry said...

I never thought of making a brooch out of a button, what a fab idea. O have a little button box full of pretties for making things, and a jar for practical replacement. Would love more pearl ones.