Sunday, 31 July 2011

Hello Edgorina....

The picnic blanket is coming along nicely and it's a good way of using up all the  balls of wool in my bag, our local wool shop has a big "reduced" basket of wool on the floor for only £1 a ball  so I get a few balls whenever I'm passing

it still needs a few rounds adding to it and a nice edging but that's on  the "back burner" for now as I've been stitching more brooches!!!

Let me introduce you to "Edgarina" she was supposed to be called "Edgar" but with those lips I decided "Edgorina" was a more suitable name (ok so I've lost the plot !! lol)

Another little brooch I knitted and it looks quite nice on my dark orangy coloured top, I love the ceramic heart button from "daisy moon"

This is a wristlet made from a pink liberty cotton with a gorgeous ceramic butterfly button sewn on and a jelly tag,

and finally, two watches, this one says 4 o' clock so it's always  "time for tea"

and this one is set at 10 to 2,  time to "sit and knit"!!

So that's my haul for this month have you made any nice bit's 'n pieces?

Love Lucey x


Jem said...

The watch is so far up my street - forever 'time for tea' - perfect! :-) Beautiful make and I think 'Edgarina' is a pretty peachy name!

Jem xXx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

The blanket is fab, I envy crocheters! And those watches - I soooooo love them! Fabulous!

Florence and Mary said...

Fabulous makes and great idea adding to your blanket from the reduced wool selection,

Victoria xx

Mandy said...

Wow! You have been busy. All very beautiful.
Hugs xxx

The Vintage Hobby House said...

Fantastic pretty makes,youve been a very busy Bee... x Manda x

Karen S Booth said...

BEAUTIFUL things and I really love the blanket!

Kitty M said...

A very belated and heartfelt thank you for your lovely message over at Dolliedaydream! We are feeling a lot more sorted this week and counting down the days to Luca! These are fabulous, I love the bunny so cute and I still think you need an Etsy shop!! Kitty xxx