Thursday, 3 May 2012

Quilt Exhibition

We have a lovely church in the centre of Town with the most beautiful stained glass windows that was converted into the tourist information centre some years ago and they sometimes hold  exhibitions in there and this month it's quilts.

I called in last week for a little look and ended up staying for a couple of hours as there were some ladies sitting quilting away and they told me they all meet up once a week, some of their work  was exhibited and it was  absolutely gorgeous,  well worth a visit.

"Grandad's hideaway" is my favourite quilt and the card next to it read's,

"I responded to a chalenge made by Judith's sewing shop in Whitby - to make a quilt for the man in your life- my husbands first love is rock music and his second is his allotment so I decided to dwell on that."

It reminds me of Mr McGreggors garden in the Beatrix Potter books,

a lovely scarecrow blows in the wind,

through the gate and into the garden

this one is just like a catherine wheel swizzling round on bonfire night, such beautiful colours have been used,

Someone had made a few cushions

and there were lots of old quilts all beautifully sewn probrably by ladies long ago sitting by the fire with only candlelight and yet not a stitch out of place,

one of the ladies was telling me how years ago the patterns were made up by placing old pennies ans ha'pennies onto the fabric and swirling round them, there was a cafe in the corner where we sat and drank cup after cup of tea and it was fascinating to hear the stories.

Changing the subject has anyone got their copy of "pretty nostalgic" magazine yet???

(pic borrowed from pretty nostalgic)
I'm a bit miffed because I went on line to order a copy last week and it said buy now for delivery on Tuesday May 1st and here's  the 3rd and still no magazine I'm tempted to buy a copy from the shop and when it arrives send their copy back as I'm that mad!!!

(Sorry rant over!!!)

Right I'm off to Matalan to buy a new door mat I've seen,

Lucey xx


Liz said...

What a lovely story about the quilt. Looks like a fab exhibition.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Crafty Helen said...

I've just popped over to the pretty nostalgic site. It's quite clear about the 1st May, isn't it? Not exactly the best of starts for a new venture....X

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

What beautiful quilts, sounds like a lovely way to spend a few hours. I had not heard of this new magazine, shall keep an eye out for it. Not a very good start though :( x

A Blessed Life said...

The quilts are beautiful,we have just had our annual quilt day in our little town,each year about 150 quilts are shown and they are never repeated,seems a lot do it here including is a lovely hobby/craft to have,so interesting about the pennies etc I had not ever heard that.

♥ Miss Tea said...

those quilts tell a million stories! i just love the stained glass windows i saw on the pic, beautiful! and all the quilts are just lovely especially the grandad's hideaway! i would love to learn how to quilt though :)

i think u should do just that with the magazine u ordered online! that is upsetting.

xx susan

Daisy said...

The quilts look fab. I bet you had a great time. I haven't seen any sign of the magazine either. Can't wait to see your new door mat. I'm in desperate need of a new one as my red and white spot one has spots no more! xxx

Second Hand Rose said...

Wow these look amazing, I've always wanted to try this! I love the multicoloured circle one, it's amazing!

Carol said...

What fabulous quilts, I'd love to see them in real life.
Carol xx