Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hand Knit Socks

A pair of hand knit socks are just what is needed on this cold and frosty morning and there's none  better than the one's you knit yourself!

These are the first pair I knit after the "trial run" sock that didn't  turn out too bad, after Viv had shown me how to cast on with 3 needles I was away and managed to turn the heel myself but I wasn't happy with the finishing of the toe, more practice was  needed.

You can see the top is a bit "messy" and not very neat where the needles meet but I'm getting better the more I knit, in fact there's no stopping me now!!

These are for Mr Lucey and I even managed to match them up,

after being shown the "kitchener" method for the toes I'm a lot happier now and have just started  knitting my 3 rd pair. I've found it a lot easier if I cast on on 2 needles and knit 3 rows and then transfer the stitches onto 3 needles, it's a much neater finish.

Mr Lucey got me this sock kit from Lidl at Christmas, the colours remind me of Spring and the wool is soft and cosy, 

I picked up a couple of balls of wool yesterday and you got a free pattern with them, so that will keep my needles busy for a while.

We got these socks for Christmas the" holly berry" and "blue tit" are mine and are nice and chunky, just right for wearing with boots, and Mr Lucey wears his "pheasants" as slipper socks, they keep your feet as warm as toast.

they come in other colour ways and they're from "Ramshambles" in York, you can also buy the wool to knit them yourself,

and at £1 a ball this wool  had to come home with me.....well, why not!!

Lucey X


Kandi said...

Lucey they are gorgeous you clever thing. I am hoping to conquer socks one day they always look like magic to me. x

Vintage Jane said...

Gorgeous socks ... I wouldn't know where to start! M x

Noelle the dreamer said...

Happy 2014 Mrs. Lucy!
I keep on thinking it is more than time to knit (yes, I also have a stash...) and then saw your socks...Time to try my hand at this!
Thanks for the little push!
P.S. Love the Merry Go Around!

Tracy said...

I have heard that sock knitting is ever so slightly addictive and you have certainly proved that - these are gorgeous xx

Mrs Bertimus said...

Wow! Now that is serious knitting! I am v impressed! X

Ali said...

How fab are they!! I have sock envy, but oh my!! 3 needles I have a headache just thinking about it xx

KC'sCourt! said...

Wonderful warm woolly socks!
Julie xxxxxxx

Streetcomber said...

I love those socks! Beautiful colours and they do look so cosy.

Locket Pocket said...

Golly you really have caught the sock knitting bug! I was the same when I learned how to do them! I really love the yarn from lidl - it's just like the first pair I made using opal wool. X

Daisy Jones said...

Thank you for voting for my Mum... loving your socks they rock!!
Daisy j x