Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve

Smoke is billowing out of the chimney on this  special christmas eve as big flakes of snow fall  from the sky, making everywhere look white and sparkly and slippery underfoot,

The family go out for a walk in the snow gathering  a  big bunch of holly as they slip and slide along the path

Back home it's warm and cosy with a big log fire roaring in the grate and  Isabella's stocking is hanging above the flames, there's an orange wedged in the toe  and a teddy bear and some gingerbread poke their heads out of the top. Placed next to the stocking is a pair of red leather shoes that Isabella has long  admired in the shop window.

Mrs Bulmer, the old lady next door, and her son George give Isabella a brown paper bag containing an apple, an orange, some nuts, sweeties and some pennies.

There's christmas cards  strung across the brightly lit room along with paper streamers, and outside a snowman stands proudly in the garden, as night falls everyone heads off to bed and if you've been a very good girl
"the sleigh will ride tonight"
 and santa will fill your stocking while you dream of sugarplums.

Merry  Christmas,

Love Lucey x


Mandy said...

What a lovely book to treasure. I love the embroidered wording and the little shoes. xxx

Knittings Nice! said...

Oh what gorgeousness is that, so lovely to get ideas from places thank you Merry Christmas Teresa x

Jelly Jam said...

What a fantastic idea! Did you make it?
Merry Christmas

Jenny said...

What a gorgeous story, that is really special and a lovely idea. Merry Christmas to you and family Lucey xxx

LaaLaa said...

Merry Christmas, lovely! Whata gorgeous book! I hope my presents arrived in time. xxxxxxxx

Pretty at Heart said...

I hope that Santa brings you everything you wish for!

Florence and Mary said...

Merry Christmas Lucey!

Victoria xx