Friday, 30 December 2011

In my stocking were.....

On christmas morning sticking her head out of my stocking  was "bobtail" a gorgeous pink rabbit

 and if you lift up her tummy she's a sewing set, she used to live in Jessie chorleys shop in London but now she lives with me!!

Just beside Bobtail, with his pipe held firmly in his teeth, was  "the snowman" filled with chocolate,

does anyone remember these sleeves made by Rowntree's at christmas time? I think I've seen something similar when we were at Beamish museum.

And deep down in the toe was this teeny tiny book brooch


chapter XIII

Last Things

Good night and sweet dreams he cried on this night as the curtain was drawn back...

and there lay the beginning of an exciting adventure...

The End.

There was a note attached to the brooch that say's "this book brooch is inspired by the minature books of the 15th century that were worn by merchant princes either as a pendant or on their belts as a keeper of information, a calender or a souvenier."

I got some lovely books aswell so after my bath I think I'll pop off to bed for a read,

night all,



Florence and Mary said...

What fabulous gifts!

Victoria xx

Jewel said...

Lovely! I am jealous of your book collection! Please let me know if the Kirstie one is worth spending my pennies on! xx

Saphy said...

how very lovely. x

Anonymous said...

I love the bunny sewing kit!

simplyvintage said...

Lovely gifts - especially that adorable bunny. Happy New Year. xxx

KC'sCourt! said...

Beautiful - just beautiful!
All those lovely presents
Julie xxxxx

Country Rabbit said...

your stocking was filled with such lovely things what a sweet handmade sewing kit and those lovely books- julie arkell is my favourite textile n paper artist- love that book x

Country Rabbit said...

p.s happy 2012 x

Jooles said...

oooh what amazing booty!
wishing you a wonderful new year with all that you wish for
love jooles x