Friday, 24 August 2012

Autumnal Throw.

Morning Girls,

Hope everyone's fine and dandy on this grey sky, fine drizzle sort of  day, not  a good start to the bank holiday weekend is it?

And even worse I have an appointment with the dentist this afternoon as one of my filling's has fallen out, ouch!!  It does help when the dentist is an absolute dish though, but as I'm in my 50's and he's considerably younger he probably does't see me in quite the same way especially not with slaver oozing out of my mouth!!

I've been making a few bits so I thought I'd share them with you.

Love the colour of this wool and I've started on an autumnal throw,  my nephew doesn't believe autumnal is a word and he think's I'm going senile, haha)

nice  for throwing over knees on an chilly  evening, have you noticed how the nights' are starting to get darker now, I've already started  light a few candles around 8 ish .

Covered myself a sewing diary with a Cath Kidston hankie and I embroidered a little doiley to go on the front and wrapped a lovely red spotty ribbon round it, want a peek inside?

I decided to write in here all the things I'm making, take pics of them and also write down the instructions so that everything is together along with fabric samples, the mice and socks are all for a Christmas project

there's pretty pages in there as well.

I got these lovely beads a while ago and threaded them onto some thin rubber to make a bracelet, so easy, I'll be making some more now I know how,

and our new sign arrived  in the post, it's of our favourite place in London, Columbia Road, it looks right at home in the kitchen above the shelves of old bottles and jelly moulds.

Hope you have a great bank holiday weekend whatever the weather.

Love Lucey xx


simplyvintage said...

Your sewing diary is a great idea, I might just have to pinch that one! I also love the colour for your autumn blanket, it's definitely on the way, I've also noticed the nights closing in and there was a definite nip in the air last night. Have a great bank holiday - (hope the dental appointment goes well). Linda xxx

thriftwood said...

Love the little sewing diary! I'm not ready for Autumn yet, don't think Summer's quite happened yet ... have a lovely Bank Holiday

Claire xxx

Rachel said...

Ilove yoursewing diary, what a fab idea! And to answeryour question, yes, I did have my blog background designed!

Rose H (UK) said...

What a wonderful idea a sewing Diary is - I shall make one for my daughter.
Rose H

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Great idea a sewing diary, love the cover! Ada :)

Kandi said...

Oh I love the diary idea! I really need to get organised, something like that might help. Good luck at the dentist, if it hurts just stare into his eyes :0) x

Deborah said...

Your diary is so cute!! I love making things like this too :) your throw looks like it will be wonderful in gorgeous colours, good luck at the dentist and hope you have a happy long weekend

Bee happy x

LaaLaa said...

Loving the sewing diary Jan! What a great idea! xxx

Celestial Charms said...

Hi Lucey,
Love your new kitchen sign, and autumnal has always been one of my favorite words. It is my number 18 on my top 20 list. :)
Hope you enjoy your weekend!

The Custards said...

Very interesting Columbia Road sign - strange world as yesterday I was talking about that very road with my children and how I would like to revisit it and the Geffrye museum. My birthday present to myself each January was to go to the SB Evans sale but I think it has moved from Columbia Road - our garden has lots of items from there still (and some plants from it too!). When we moved (10 years ago) it was beginning to loose its more traditional stalls sadly - has it gone all expensive and up market nowadays? Just remembered why we were talking it - watched the Great British Bake Off and the item about bagels reminded me of the bagel shop that we would go to. Would love to kn ow if it still there. We are making bagels today but it might be better/quicker/easier to make a trip to London for them!
Have a happy BH

VintageVicki said...

Just seen your comments on my post about the ladybird books - be happy for you to have both and yes I'd love the other book as that is one I've not got :)

I can't get the email link to work so could you try messaging me with your address - am sure I have it somewhere but computer playing up loads at the moment :(

Julia said...

Lovely post, love your sewing diary, love, love, love your kitchen sign and decor...