Thursday, 9 August 2012

Stitching With Daisy

Last week I met my friend Daisy in York and we went  to a lovely shop in the Shambles called Flax and Twine for a sewing day

it's a sort of open house where anyone can go on a Monday and do their own thing, we were in the room above the shop and people were coming and going while we sat and sewed away, lunch was included in the price as was the gorgeous lemon drizzle cake and pot of tea in the afternoon...delicious.

Mandy showed me how to make suffolk puffs and  a Julie Arkell style flower,

my first attempt using some pretty fabrics,

and the suffolk puffs, they remind me of little bath hats!

I need to make one more and then stitch them onto this Liberty print bracelet, 

they're all easy to make it's just having the right fabrics in the right colours.

I found some yellow fabric to make into petals for this brooch, I must have about a zillion brooches allready but I do love a petty brooch, and in my eyes you can never have toooooo many!!

Just a couple more petals to make and a nip and a tuck and a pin sewn on the back of this one,  dare I show you just one more???

This one is made out of an old kid glove that was ever so long so I snipped the top off and made a bow,

"a vintage glove"

I'm going to a tea party next week so I shall be wearing this little beauty then.

"Sew" we spent a wonderful  day having  a right good natter, ate some lovely food and sat in room full of bunting and flowers sewing away  in a beautiful old building in York on a warm and sunny Monday in August... the perfect day.

It would have been nice to cycle home along country lanes on this lovely bike.

You can see Mandy's blog over at "Daisy Moon blogspot", where she sews  the most beautiful things.

Lucey x


Betty said...

You have been having fun! and all your creations are very pretty and imaginative, especially your Julie Arkell style brooch. I still treasure the mohair brooch you made for me which comes out on my denim jacket regularly. Betty x

moleymakes said...

How lovely to have a drop-in shop like that. Looks like you had a lot of fun. The Suffolk Punch flowers look cute.

Ruby x

Monkey Man said...

sounds like a lovely day....time with friends, doing something you on :)

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

What a lovely looking place. Your flowers are beautiful x

Mrs Pixie said...

That shop sounds fabulous, looks like you have been having a lovely time!

That bike is gorgeous. If I had a bike that pretty I would learn to ride one


A Blessed Life said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me...much like our Tuesdays here.

Ticking stripes said...

What a lovely day out! I had a great day with Mandy and Dottie Angel and Rachelle of Ted and Agnes last month!

Daisy said...

Haha! I look like a very strict teacher! Had a lovely day with a lovely friend. xxx

Dorothy Prudie Vintage said...

What fun. I shall try the flower sewn by hand. I think that would be nice to adorn some craft projects I've been working on lately. Thank you for sharing.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Love this little flower! Ada :)