Thursday, 15 November 2012

Just A Tad Too Early?

While out walking the dogs last night, well just the one dog as the other two heard a banger going off and wouldn't get out of the bed, we saw 3 houses lit up in all their Christmas glory. 

 They certainly brightened up a miserable night but wouldn't you be just a tad fed up of them by the end of December, anyway they did look nice twinkling away.

These gorgeous little fishies arrived in the post this week and I just had to have a trial run of where I was going to put them,

after a little play about I packed everything back into the box, cough, cough!!

Browsing round "Millie and Dotties Emporium" I ordered "A Christmas Carol" dated 1944   and it arrived tied up in this lovely green tissue paper looking all festive,

there's lots of pretty pictures to drool over and the pages are quite thick, I've got some ribbon with holly on to tie round it and a rustic tree and reindeer's head to make a scene with. 

 I like to plan where everything is going as I buy it so that every surface is decorated, well it is Christmas after all!!

Promise I won't be getting them out just yet!!

Lucey x


Crafty Helen said...

Were they Christmas decorations? A few houses near me have lights up for Divali. X

Deborah said...

Love your new decorations, they look great where you put them :) the drift wood is wonderful!

Bee happy x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

A Christmas Carol is my all time favourite story at this time of year! In fact, as a family we all love to watch The Muppets version, not quite the same as the book, but has us laughing every time! :)

Harriet Crook said...

Not too early at all! Its good to see some people with the Christmas spirit! I'm currently sewing decorations for my tree! Hattie, @peppermintplace xo

Anonymous said...

How lovely christmas already, it is a bit your fishes and book..It won't be long!
Thea x

Anne said...

I couldnt be bothered putting the tree up this early, I would be sick of the sight of it! My grandchildren trim their tree up 1st december and I think thats plenty early enough.

Betty said...

We don't decorate until 2 weeks before Christmas, I get fed up with all the clutter! Your book is very pretty. Have fun with your decorations, why not early if it makes you happy?!

The Custards said...

The bonus of darker evening is that you can see the insides of other people's homes - nosey parker that I am! Our Christmas tree goes up later and later and usually the Saturday before Christmas (no matter what day it falls on) - I love decorating it but after a while it drives me mad!
Love the decorations
Best wishes
PS - Kicking myself as I have given two different copies of a Christmas Carol to the charity shops recently....

Helen Philipps said...

Love your blog! I loved seeing the little silvery fishes and the beautiful old book too. It's nice to try out new decorations and check where they'll look pretty. I have a few Christmas things already appearing but just for work purposes of course ;)
Have a wonderful weekend.
Helen x

Mancunian Vintage said...

There's a house near me that has gone all-out for Christmas already, complete with outside lights and an inflatable santa :s

annie said...
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