Monday, 19 November 2012

Vintage Saturday

We're lucky that we only live about 10 minutes away from the seaside so on Saturday  we got our bikes out and rode down, there's a cycle path right along the sea front and it was a lovely day, the tide was out and there were a few ships bobbing about on the sea.

I forgot to take the camera so no pics I'm afraid.

Then we went to Durham to the "vintage stall" in the indoor market where there's always "gems" to be found,

I got this lovely blue "overall" but with a nip and a tuck it's now my best Summer dress.

 It's made from cotton with blue and green flowers on and red edging and there's a belt round it, the pocket is a V shape, just like a piece of bunting.

It looks lovely with the red accessories and the "dress" brooch I got from Jessie Chorley's shop.

As we got back in the  Town Mr Lucey called at the bike shop and the chap told him he had a cellar full of old bikes and did he want a look, so half an hour later he was the proud owner of a vintage "sunbeam" bike (I told you we had the bug now!!)

We're off to London at the weekend to  a few vintage shops and to visit the truly wonderful Julie Arkell.....oh I think I need a Tenna Lady I'm that excited!!

Lucey x


thriftwood said...

Oh wow, love the bike!!

Claire x

Vintage Jane said...

Now, that's a proper bike. Have a great time in London. We visited for three days last week ... the Mr couldn't understand how I could spend nearly two hours in Liberty??!!

Lucy said...

That's such a pretty pinny! How clever to make it into something else. Hope you find lots of vintage gems in London :o)

lavender attic said...

What a gorgeous pinny, I love the fabric x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Wow, bike is brill, great dress too! :)

Betty said...

Lucky you I am a big fan of Julie Arkell. Your vintage pinny turned into a dress looks interesting. Betty

Carol said...

Love your fab new dress and that bike is wonderful. Going green at the thought of a visit to Julie Arkell.
Carol xx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Hahahaha, a Tenna lady eh? That's hilarious. Beautiful dress. How about a post with you wearing it? Have a lovely time in London. Looking forward to reading about the vintage shops you visit. xx