Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Kirsty Elson Townhouse

A couple of weeks ago I asked the lovely Kirsty Elson to make me one of her "houses" to hang on the Christmas tree and when I got home from work yesterday the postie had delivered it.

Inside the box was the most lovely  house I ever did see, three stories high with a little red door just perfect for Christmas.

Love, love, love it!!

Kirsty is such a clever sausage she collects driftwood and rusty nails and makes the most gorgeous pieces, pop over and have a look when you have a mo, Kirsty Elson designs.

I called into Morrisons and got these lovely heathers at the weekend to fill the basket on the bike, I love the pinky, purply,  mauvy combination of colours at this time of year,

and I  knit a new bunting  as the other one had faded in the sun, I couldn't decide if I should  give the old bike a fresh coat of paint or leave it as it is.

Rummaging in the drawers I come across a cloth that had a neat little darn in the middle so out come the needle and thread to stitch a few words on it,

"the children were nestled"

"stockings were hung"

"night before Christmas"

I don't think it needs much more than that as it's not a very big cloth....well there might just be a little mouse!!

Lucey xx


thriftwood said...

Oh I love the little houses ... looking forward to seeing more of the cloth too!

My bike is looking rather dejected, think she needs a few bright heathers too ...

Love Claire xx

Deborah said...

Love your house :) I buy heathers from Morrisons too they last ages and are really healthy, yours looks good in the bike basket.
Bee happy x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Wonderful little house there, I've seen her work before, very talented! :) x

Anne said...

Those little houses are beautiful. Kirsty is a very clever lady.

Mrs Bertimus said...

Your post is getting me in the Christmas spirit!

Jooles said...

What a gorgeous little house and those heathers are SO pretty!
love jooles xxx

Connie Mercer said...

Hi Lemonade Kitty~
thanks for the follow on my blog and I followed you back:):) I noticed you live in London:):) will you email me ~on the side bar of my blog. I have an idea~ cm

Carol said...

Such a sweet little house, think I'll have to pop over to her web site.
Love the embroidery, yes, a little mouse would be perfect.
Carol xx