Sunday, 27 October 2013

Wedding Anniversary

This is a bit of a "show and tell" post so let's start with a day out in Corbridge  to celebrate our wedding anniversary. 

First stop was the lovely  RE, we visited a few weeks ago and just had to go again as there was so much to see,

love these cakes that were actually candles, I think they're far too nice to light, it was one of those "shall I or not" buys and now I wish I had. (maybe we'll have to visit again!!) 

There were trays of tin mugs,

and  "brown betty" teapots,

assorted glass jelly moulds,

and some lovely pieces of green milk glass. (Should have bought the jug aswell!)

I would have liked a pair of these wooden stockings to make a Christmas display but at £40 each they were a tad too pricey, I think they might have originally been to display socks in a gentleman's outfitters??

My dad was a master butcher and used to have loads of these tickets so I've started to collect them just for old times sake, when dad retired everything was sold off, wish I'd kept loads of things from the shop now!!

We sat on a bench  in the warm sunshine eating our picnic as I hate to spend half the day sitting in crowded cafes waiting for food to arrive when I could be enjoying the scenery,

A few goodies I bought were an "assorted jellies" sign, one of the butchers price tickets, some lovely brown paper table runner, a nice big yellow duster, reindeer fire lighters and some red string for hanging baubles on the Christmas tree....quite an odd assortment but that's RE!

In the Antiques shop next door I saw this lovely old "Wild Woodbines Cigarettes" box  to display my old cigarette packets in which leads me onto" Pickering war weekend" that we attended a couple of weeks ago.

It's a lovely weekend that everybody "enters into the spirit of" getting dressed up in their furs and suits, displaying vintage vehicle, prams and bikes...and this is ours...

Mr Lucey has spent the last year doing it up...

It was a complete wreck when we got it but after many hours of "blood, sweat and nearly tears" it's finally done up "in all it's glory" just like the one my dad would have rode when he was an errand boy, complete with a sign that reads "P. Kinnersley, Family Butcher" dad. x

"Lad's 'n dad's!

"mum's 'n son's"

"shopping for groceries"

Lucey x


Betty said...

Many happy returns! Your trip looked so interesting, lovely pictures throughout the whole post - the best has to be 'mums and sons'!! classic, Betty

Victoria Eales said...

Happy Anniversary!

This post has me lusting after tin pots and brown betty teapots.


Vintage Jane said...

What a lovely post. The War weekend photos are lovely!
I must get to RE one day ... I see so many lovely things in mags from that shop. I think you bought a lovely little collection of things.
M x

Carol said...

Congratulations! Some lovely things, Spoilt for choice.
I love the Pickering weekend and hope to go again, it is such a brilliant atmosphere.
Carol xx

Mrs Bertimus said...

Oooo envy! Envy!

Deborah said...

Belated wishes sweetie! great photos again and some lovely buys too no wonder you had to go again :)

Bee happy x