Thursday, 20 March 2014

First Day Of Spring

You can't go wrong with flowers and brooches, this lovely hand crochet brooch was given to me by Sally (lavender attic blog) who's just learned to crochet,
I love the green and grey combination with a covered button.

Some daffs from my daughter, my favorite Spring time flowers, as I wasn't feeling well,

the last of the flowers on my, forgotten what it's called ?????
 oh yes, amaryllis.
I planted this bulb just after Christmas and it took a while to grow but then 4 stems shot up each bearing 4 flowers, should have taken some pics earlier, I love white flowers and they've brightened up the windowsill for weeks and weeks now.

Little bulbs I planted in a basket on the back of the bike "dancing in the breeze"

Ring a ring of "crocus "a pocket full of posies,

 the last of the snowdrops just dying off,

 a circle of seats at the end of the crocus walk in the cemetery,

and if I had these little beauties in my kitchen I could put a plant or two in the scoop....I wish!

Happy first day of Spring to you all,

Lucey x


lavender attic said...

Thankyou for the lovely mention :)
I'm looking forward to catching up on my blog reading tomorrow.
Hope you're better now?
I would love those scales too - and that looks like a nice tea shop they're sat in (I would love the teashop too!)
Sally x

Mrs Bertimus said...

Your post was like a breath of fresh air!
Hope you're feeling better now chuck x

Victoria Eales said...

I'm just adoring grey's with pastels this spring. Such a lovely post with so many delightful Spring images... another reason to smile on this sunny Friday!