Friday, 28 March 2014

Vintage Avery Scales

Browsing through some housey magazines I noticed a few of them had the old sweet shop type scales in the kitchen's so for the past two weeks I've been on the look out for some, and I've only come up trumps!!

Have a gander at these little beauties, 

they're made by Avery and have a lovely green  button and trim and a big scoop for weighing out sweeties.

I'd browsed e bay for some but they were either too expensive or the seller wouldn't ship, then visiting a  village not far from me we were passing the Fox Almshouses, (how lovely does that sound)

 when I spied a little old shoppe across the road  that might have some lurking about, but just my luck it was closed.

So I gave Mr Fox a rat-a-ta-tat hoping there would be someone out the back, and there was!!

It turns out it was all one shop and there sitting in a corner were just the scales I was looking for so I paid my pennies and brought them home. 
Mr Lucey gave them a good clean and inside was stamped with the date = 17 FEB 1957.

So if it's a quarter of jelly babies

 a sugar mouse or two

or even a blue bag of sugar you'll know where to come!!

Lucey x


Lucy said...

I love those scales, what a fabulous find! Just think how many 1/4's of sweets have been weighed out on those. And as for the sugar mice, they bring back so many memories. I always had a pink one in my stocking at Christmas, my brother always had the white. Haven't seen them for years! Happy weighing x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oh wow, they are gorgeous. I'm in love...xx

Tracy said...

What a great find and a lovely post of how they came to be yours. Enjoy!!

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

These bring back happy memories, I grew up in a sweet shop! Have a great weekend! :) x

YorkshireKaren said...

Oh Lucey, lucky you! I have coveted scales like these for many years! Enjoy weighing your sweeties and you could pretend to be a sweet shop lady, what fun you can have! Happy times ahead x

Victoria Eales said...

I love these scales they remind me sweet shops when I was younger.


Mrs Bertimus said...

Swooooooooon! X

penelope said...

I have some (they were given to me or destinated for the tip). Sadly they don't have a weighing pan. If you ever come across one in your travels please let me know. Apart from work and home I don't do travelling so am unlikely to unless it fall down in front of me.

Alchamillamolly said...

We have recently found Baileys its lovely isn't it. The lady we met in there is super. When you are next there, there is a lovely shop called Primitive Angels - not old stuff but very nice for a look