Friday, 16 May 2014

A Happy Sad Day

It should be a sad day today as it's the anniversary of the day we lost our lovely son in law Paul, but I don't like sad days so I remembered all the good, happy days we had with Paul as I pottered about in the garden. 

These little purple faces made me smile and I remembered when Paul brought me a huge bunch of lillies for looking after Dylan when he and Rachel had a night out,

and I smiled as I planted out these sweet peas from Sarah Raven, they're from the vintage silk sweet pea collection and highly scented

I smiled as I stitched a  bunting  from the lace on an old torn tablecloth to drape across the bike

and then I smiled some more as I run up a cushion cover from this lovely fabric that I got from Louise at Hope and Elvis.

I even smiled when I made a few more brooches from the abc puzzle from long ago and burned myself with the glue gun, ouch!!

And who wouldn't smile when the sun shines ALL day and you can sit and sew pretties on a new skirt!!

"Let's go fly a kite"

"woodland fairies"

I had fun arranging all my vintage goodies on the painted shelf that  I've been collecting, there's everything piled on there from china, glass, packets, tins and even ice cream tubs!! 

And I will be positively grinning as tonight I'm not putting a foot in the kitchen, I'm being taken out for tea, now that's what I call a "happy, sad day"

Lucey X


Mrs Bertimus said...

All my love x

Josie-Mary said...

It's better to smile at the happy memories then be sad :) xx

Crafty Gifts & Cards said...

Happy memories are the best & onnly ones we should have... That's how our lost loved ones would what it.

Crafty Gifts & Cards said...


Victoria Eales said...

Such a great attitude to have thinking of the happy times.


Keri_lou said...

Ahh Jan what a poignant post x I'm behind with your blog posts because Luca keeps me so busy these days but I am sorry for your loss but happy for your lovely memories xxx

Maria said...

Bless you and dear Paul..this is such a special post..your memories are surely golden and this day speaks volumes for your love..Hugs Maria..Love and love some more your pretty bunting ....2

Sujata Aten said...

I am touched by your post, and you have a great way of thinking, which I need to remember as I am often sad for our young loss in our family, four years ago. x

Carol said...

Just what our lost loved ones would want us all to do. Smile through the sadness and "live".
Carol xx

Tracy said...

What a lovely post, thank you for sharing your happy sad day xx