Friday, 9 May 2014


"The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady" is one of my favorite books and I try to read a page or two each night and the illustrations are so nice,
"change not a clout till May is out"
this is so true!!

I love this quote starting in May,

"A swarm of bees in May is worth a load of hay,
A swarm of bees in June is worth a silver spoon,
A swarm of bees in July is not worth a fly"

I was browsing through a magazine when  I saw a vintage shop advertised so me and a friend jumped in the car and set off to find it.

"My Vintage World"  wasn't hard to find once we found the street and the window was vintageness at it's very best!!
Look at that picnic hamper,

inside the  shop the dressers were full of plates,

the tables were groaning under the weight of china,

 and the cupboards were packed with kitchen ware, 
who remembers Vim scouring powder??

Tea trolleys, baskets, linen,

pretty brooches,

tea pots and  sugar bowls, does anyone still use these? I've seen them filled with candles and they look lovely burning away.

Little chairs, wooly blankets, bobbins of cotton in fact you name it and it was there. I could have bought the whole shop it was so lovely and the owner Catherine couldn't have been more helpful or friendly, I can't wait to go back.

That lovely Brexton picnic hamper just had to come home with me along with a few other goodies,

 I need another cup as one was missing, anyone got a spare?

and I got this lovely trio with lilly of the valley on, just right for a cuppa on a sunny May afternoon, a couple of reels of cotton and a packet of "snowfire" that says it "sooths and heals"...

My Vintage World,
Sowerby Road,
North Yorkshire

Lucey X


Maria said...

Ooh my why is it our hearts miss a beat or two when we see sooo much vintage loveliness in one place..
Nostalgia off the past maybe?
Ooh yes ( I sound like the church hill pooch)..I have three sugar basin's and because I have the sweetest tooth...they are all in action..For sugar cubes of course..hehe! hugs Maria x

Deborah said...

Wow such an amazing shop! so much to see and purchase ;)
Great book too, thanks for sharing, have a happy weekend!

Bee happy x

Victoria Eales said...

I love those picnic hampers they're adorable I need to keep my eyes open for one.


Betty said...

Lovely picnic hamper, what a find. I remember Vim (and Ajax) - my job as a child was to clean the sinks and baths with the stuff - it ruins your hands but does a great job!

Sujata Aten said...

Oh! how i love to go to the vintage shops and come back home with something. Thanks for sharing your photo's and I do like your picnic hamper. Enjoy it. x

Barbara Lilian said...

Just found you from 'Dosie Rosie' blog. I loved seeing all the vintage pieces. What a treasure the picnic hamper is. now that takes me back a long way to when I remember my Aunt coming to take my mother & I for a picnic. I can still see her setting out the little fold up table, with an embroidered table cloth and then opening her picnic hamper, everything held in its place with little leather straps. Such a delight to see yours. I hope it will get used often during the coming summer. Look forward to seeing more vintage treasures you find.

Crafty Gifts & Cards said...

Hello from Jo...
I discovered you amazing bloggy world while searching for some Avery Scales. Your lovely page popped up & I was hooked. I love your vintage vibe.
I run a little business from home alongside my job as a Learning Support in a secondary school & I love doing both..!!
I blog on Blogger - you can see me at I'm called Crafty Gifts & Cards... Lovely to meet you & I look forward to reading your blog. xx

Keri_lou said...

I always love the little places you visit - I can't believe we have been down in Dorset over 12 months now and as beautiful as it is down here I miss my little trips to cute places in the North! x