Tuesday, 1 December 2009

December 1st...

Yea it's the first of December at last, I'm quite excited by all the lovely things I'll be doing in the next couple of weeks

Each day I'll be opening my advent callender it's one I got from Phoenix Trading 3 years ago but I love it and havn't seen a nicer one, I got the grandchildren one each for when they call in.

"Barbie and Spongebob"

I'll be studding oranges with cloves and wrapping pretty ribbons around them

They look nice  piled on a plate and the smell of oranges and cloves is lovely.

 I've replaced my usual white kitchen roll with this "snowman" one. (He's also in the toilet!)

We always have a puzzle on the table at Christmas time  and when anybody calls they all help. 

We burn lots of candles and I use either the apple spice or the mandarin, clove and cinnamon room sprays they both smell wonderful.

I've swapped the cushions for these festive ones from Boyes that I saw when we were in Yarm.

And finally these little fellows were brought back from a day trip to Lapland last year,  they're sitting on a reindeer skin on the landing.  I'll be doing lots more  so till next time...Bye for now....Lucey xx


made with love said...

You are doing a great job Lucey. I love all your christmassy things,Thanks for the little mention on your last post,
Rachael XX

twiggypeasticks said...

Great Christmas traditions, I must start sticking cloves in oranges it's definitely time :)
Twiggy x

VintageVicki said...

You're like me - I start sneaking festive bits into rooms from the 1st of December too.

I have a advent calendar similar to yours - its a Phonenix one but only christmas card sized.

jo said...

Those reindeer look so cute!!
I wished I could go on a Daytrip to Lapland!

Florence and Mary said...

Your festive touches look fabulous.

I have a Hello Kitty calendar which I've forgotten to open, I'm currently trying to decide whether to have 2 when I get home or wait till tomorrow and have 3 for breakfast!

Victoria xx

Anonymous said...

I love the oranges. I might have to do some myself this year.

I just noticed the photo on your blog of the Kate Forman bears. They're lovely, very similar in fact to the ones I make...except mine are half the price!!

Bluebell said...

Looks like you're in the festive mood! I've not even thought about getting the decorations sorted yet!

Thanks for the kind comment on my blog.

B :)

bad penny said...

ooh just found you ...I'll be back !

Blueberry Heart said...

love all of your festive bits n bobs - really christmassy!! I too love anything by Sally Swannel, she's so talented.
BH x