Monday, 30 November 2009

Lights up...

Morning all, what was that rain like yesterday? I filled Wilfred's hutch up with lots of straw to keep him dry and the poor doggies would't put a paw outside, I'm  glad we put the lights up on Saturday . This year We've gone for coloured ones instead of all white.

The blur under the tree is a couple of parcels, there's also birds in the tree and a wreath on the wall all brightly lit, I think I'll get coloured lights for inside aswell.

Rachael from "made with love" sent me this little strawberry and it smells of real strawberries, thank you Rachael, I also ordered these goodies from Blueberry Patch....

I love the green dress it comes on a little wire coathanger, and a garland of snowmen., a mother hen and chicks and...

A sign that say's "Saint Nick's choice quality candy canes".



"Chocolate snowmen" 

"The flower shop window" I do love flower shop's they're alway's filled with lots of lovely goodies aswell as plants and flower's.

I took these piccies while shopping in Northallerton last Sunday.

Look at these cheeky little birdies I have on the wall where are they flying off to???

Before I go and do a bit of housework, ironing etc that us ladies have to do while hubbies are at work,  if anyone fancies a wonderful afternoon/evening out, it's the christmas late night shopping day in Boroughbridge this Wednesday 2nd December (yes it realy is December tomorrow girls) There are lots of things going on  all afternoon and evening and if you go don't forget to visit Angel and Rose the best shop ever .....I'll be back tomorrow to let you know what I'm up to....Bye for now ...Lucey xx


Florence and Mary said...

What a festive visit it is on your blog today... I can't believe it's December tomorrow!!

Victoria xx

mangocheeks said...

Your blog has brought a smile to my face and put me in the mood for the festive season.
PS love those penguin pegs. Really cute!