Friday, 6 November 2009

Angel and Rose...

My favourite shop is called Angel and Rose in Boroughbridge and owned by the lovely Anna Lise, and last Wednesday was a christmas preview day, so off I went

It's a little french shop that sit's at the bottom of the high street and inside was full to the rafters of wonderful decoration's,I took some photo's of  upstairs.

The old watering can was filled with eucolyptus leaves and there were red spotted heart's hanging on it

That's an old embroidered cushion on the chair

Some of the decoration's were made of tin and there was lots of fairy lights twinkling.

I just had to buy the ice boot for my sister

I couldn't take any pics of downstairs as it was full of people having drinks and mince pies so I bought a few christmas presents and some decorations and a stocking for me.

This is called "Gone to pot" a gardeny shop full of lovely things and across the road is a bakery that sells the best egg custard tarts I've ever tasted.

Missed this pic out,  all the lamp shades are made from old initialed fabric and those chair's were a  lovely shade of grey.

So these are some of the lovely thing's I bought, the stocking is made out of blanket material (wool) and feels lovely, theres a linen heart, decorations for the tree a  stocking, mistletoe and  doves made out of tin some plates and napkins a christmas mag  and...


these were from the cs I'll get some moss to go round the candles and those wee willie winkey candlesticks are tiny, so if you're in Yorkshire do call at Boroughbridge you'll love it.

Bye for now   Lucey xx


Kelly said...

looks like you had a lovely day xx
I got a load of christmassy bits today! When is it ok to put the tree up??? :)

karen said...

Look's like my kind of shop I bet I'd have spent a small fortune in there. You did get some rather lovely pretty's though didn't you.


dottydaisies said...

what lovely buys the spotty hearts are my favourite x

RachelM said...

That shop looks lovely! I might have to pay it a visit someday. I live just a few miles down the A1 from there!

BERTIE x said...

Hello, I love the goodies that you bought, I must visit Boroughbridge one day it sounds lovely, and that shop is gorgeous.
Bertie x

The Vintage Kitten said...

The shop looks lovely! And I have an addiction to custard tarts (no kidding!!) X

Florence and Mary said...

That certainly looks like a lovely shop, I love the look of the red and white spotted hearts.

Victoria xx