Wednesday, 18 November 2009


The weathers turned realy nasty up here in the North East, quite cold and lots and lots of rain but my daughter Rachel wanted to go out today so off we went to Yarm.

It's a lovely little Town about a 25 minute ride away from where we live, all the decorations were up and there was an enormous christmas tree but it didn't have any lights on it.

There are three florists in the High Street one at each end and one in the middle and they were full of realy nice hand tied flowers, topiary trees and lots of bowls of bulbs. They also had lots of bags of dried oranges and cinnamon sticks etc.

Across the road we went into "Yarm Traditional Sweets" where we bought a couple of boxes of sweeties, some chocolate santas and a couple of "treasure chests"  full of chocolate coins. We also bought a dozen sugar mice that I like to buy at christmas time since I saw Catherine Cooksons film  "The Wingless Bird," a young couple go into a sweet shop on Christmas Eve and buy "a dozen sugar mice for the children".

Inside the shop

I saw this cushion with old fashioned scenes on it in Boyes while I was getting some wool and it was only £7.99 when I got home I wished I'd got a couple so I might go back next week.

This shop is called "indigo 11" and there's branches in Malton and Helmsley , I took some piccies inside.

We've got one of these old sledges we bought it a couple of years ago and its only been out once as the snow doesn't last long on the coast.

Lewis and Cooper sells lovely jams and chutneys and it was full of christmas hampers. On the way back we stopped at  Peter Barrats garden centre.

Penguins, bears and snowmen!!!

You can write all your christmas wishes on these little boards.

Alexa loved everything and kept saying "Mummy pretty" she loved the twinkling lights and this moose that played carols...

I realy loved this box that played the most wonderful music as you browsed around the shop was...£ I didn't buy it!!!  We did buy a few things today but they're presents and you don't know who's reading this!!!!! 

I nearly forgot about this it looks like a stocking but in fact it's a bell, it says "an old fashioned honeycomb decoration" you remember the type it's  like a concertina that opens out into a bell shape...and only £4. You'll see the pics when I get my decs out. Hope you liked the "Tour of Yarm" with Rachel, Alexa and Me.

Bye for now Lucey xx


Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Lucey

What a lovely place! I really like the sweet shop. Very traditional looking. You can feel that Christmas is in the air...
Isabelle x

made with love said...

Oh, you are making me quite homesick there Lucey. Lovely photos. Glad you had a lovely day despite the weather.
Rachael XX

VintageVicki said...

Looks a lovely day out.

I think I'll have to hunt down some sugar mice now - seems years since I've seen any.

The little one looks dressed for a christmassy day out - such a love rich red :)

Sarah said...

Hi Lucey
Looked like you had a great day out, and what a pretty place to visit.
Hope you are surviving the awful weather up there at the moment.

Florence and Mary said...

What a great day out, I loved the look of some of those shops

Victoria xx said...

Looks wonderful! I love that music box! suzie. x

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

What a charming destination - the stores look so nice.

Rosie said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. It's always nice to hear from people. What a lovely place it Yarm looks with it's Christmassy shops. I love the cushions by the way x