Tuesday, 10 November 2009


We decided to have a day out in Whitby, one of our favourite places, you can see the Abbey in the distance.

There are little cottages lining the street and views of the sea are lovely,  we like to have a wonder along the beach and a paddle in the sea. Further along the beach are wonderful beach hu's full of holidaymakers you can hire them daily but we never seem to get there early enough.

There's some  lovely shops along the cobbled streets, this one sell's  french inspired goodies

This picture is inside Bespoke Country and  there's lots of Emma Bridgewater cups and bowl', nice tins, spools of ribbon, little blackboards and lots  more.

Theres smelly candles dotted about and packets of christmas spice that make the shop smell lovely, and on the floor were lots of rag rugs in the shape of hearts, I love the red and white spotty bowl. In fact just the type of shop you want to take home with you which I nearly did!!!

This is a wonderful shop it has a deli at the front selling lots of breads,  jams ,chutneys and organic foods and at the back the clothes  are noa noa. They stock lavender, rosebuds,  jewellery and soaps just the type of shop I'd like to work in  if I could play dressing up all day!!!. We found a lovely tea room called ....

Marie Antoinette, the girl took us upstairs to a little room at the back that had been someones bedroom in days gone by and it was decorated in a nice shade of green.

Above these pictures was a tiny arched window set in the roof and another window to the side where all you could see were chimney pots on roofs.

It was all sooo cosy, we ordered a pot of tea and cream scones and there was music playing in the background from a hurdy gurdy.

The scones were warm and served with strawberry jam and clotted cream and we had two cups of tea each

Further down was an old fashioned sweet shop with jar's and jars of sweet's filling the shelves, where you bought them by the quarter, (100 grams doesn't sound the same does it)

In the window were these boxes of sweets made up and for sale or you could pick your own they're becoming quite popular now I've seen them in a couple of plac's. Talk about a kid in a sweet shop.... did I mention I have  a very sweet tooth????

By now we were loaded with bags and boxes and  as we made our way back to the car we saw a young lad parking his bike so I took a quick picture as it was so unusual and obviously his pride and joy. ooohhhh I do love a nice day out do you???  see you soon,   Lucey xx


BERTIE x said...

Oh I love Whitby too.It looks like you had beautiful weather. I always go to the same shops as you, but I've never been inside the cafe,but wanted to, so thank you for sharing that.
Bertie x

twiggypeasticks said...

oooo we've had some lovely times in Whitby, it is fab isn't it?
Twiggy x

made with love said...

Takes me back to Sunday's as a child. Whitby is the best. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures.
Rachael XX

VintageVicki said...

Whitby looks like the sort of place I'd love to visit - proper old fashioned seaside with some excellent shopping :)

The Girl said...

That sounds like a great day out. Only been to Whitby when I was a whippersnapper and don't really remember it. Those shops look lovely though!

dottydaisies said...

oohh those shops look so lovely can i come with you one day?

Itch2stitch.com said...

Whitby looks great, I have always fancied going and now I really must do! suzie. xxx

Kelly said...

Looks lovely! What a place to visit!

funkymonkey said...

I think I need to go there - right now.