Friday, 10 December 2010

Do you want a look?

I managed to get both trees up this week and now everywhere is finished do you want a little look in the upstairs lounge? Come on follow me up the stairs.

The door from the landing is to the left of the picture, we put the stove from the summerhouse in here which makes the room feel nice and cosy, we sit up here on Friday and Saturday nights with a nice bottle of something red!!

These gorgeous reindeers are from good old ikea I got  enough to decorate the tree and the swag up the stairs I think they were only £1.99 for 4. 

We got a bed settee for when Dylan sleeps over he loves it as he thinks its his own little pad!!

It will be lovely in the summer when we can throw the doors open, Mr Lucey tied a tree to the railings and I added a swag with lights.

Dylan bought Alexa the  doll, (with reindeer skin clothes of course,) when we were in Lapland a couple of years ago when she saw it on the chair she said "thats my doll danma" (grandma) and took it home, so now I can curl up in this cosy corner with a book on  a snowy afternoon nibbling mince pies and drinking hot chocolate.

Mam bought these Emma Bridgewater robin mugs filled with candles for herself but she doesn't like to light them as they get on her chest so she's given them to me to use, what a lovely mam I've got.

This is my white tree in the downstairs lounge filled with all my treasured ornaments collected over the years, I remember the first year we were married come 30th November we couldn't wait any longer and went out and bought the biggest real tree we could find and filled it with baubles and lights from woolworths. Come xmas day the tree was well past its best with needles everywhere and we were so fed up of it it come down on boxing day!!

Bye for now,

Love Lucey xx


le@thirdontheright said...

love your white tree - thanks for dropping by the thirs - best le

delia hornbook said...

Aww it all looks lovely, the white tree it looks so pretty. Chritmas is so nice when you get all the decorations down they mean so much when you have collected them over the years, its like meeeting old friends again. Dee x

Amy said...

The trees look fab x

WoodbankCrafts said...

I white tree, I wanted a white one this year but was told flatly no! Shame as yours looks so pretty :) x

emma bear forever said...

Gorgeous trees Lucey :0)

I love your cuddly reindeers - you really do have a thing for them don't you! x

Priscilla said...

Your house looks lovely! My mum has one of those reindeers, they are very cute.. Have a happy Christmas!

Priscilla x

Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

Oh it all looks so cosy and I love your white tree. I still have a green tree I'm such a stick in the mud lol I have one of those electric stoves in my living room and it looks so nice in the evening switched on. Thanks for stopping by my blog I so rarely blog these days and thought that no-one even read it any more ! lol xx

Anonymous said...

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Florence and Mary said...

Oh so festive!

Victoria xx