Sunday, 5 December 2010

Lets start at the very begining...

Yesterday was Lilly's 3 rd birthday,

let's start at the very begining!!

I met my friend Shirly when we  worked together a few years ago and one day as I served an old school friend I said to Shirly "that girl was in my class at school "and she replied "she was in my class at school"  it turned out Shirly was 10 weeks older than me and we'd been in the same class as each other.

A few weeks later I told Shirly it was Rachel's birthday and she said it was also her daughter Emma's birthday (shown in the photo above with Lilly) Both girls were born on the same day in the same hospital but at different times!!

Then one day I said to Shirly "Rachel is pregnant and the baby is due in November" and the very next week Shirly announced Emma was pregnant with Lilly and the girls were born just 3 weeks apart, how's that for coincidences??? 

Needless to say we're all firm friends.

The snow here is "deep and crisp and even" and there's more forecast for tomorrow, we were going to Beamish museum today but instead we hung the holly wreath on the door and the swag up the stairs  then went for a long snowy walk with the dogs, they love the snow despite it being quite deep.

Right X factor is on so I'm off to watch who gets elliminated from this weeks show,

Bye Lucey xx


Jenny at Red House said...

A massive case of serendipity I think! the party looks like fun! jennyx

delia hornbook said...

wow there is a reason for everything that happens in life thats a lovely story. Yummy cake to. Happy birthday lilly. dee x

Florence and Mary said...

What a fabulous birthday cake,

Victoria x

jordiegirl said...

Lovely post.

I love Beamish Museum - the row of terraced houses came from the street where I was born, Ravensworth Terrace in Bensham, Gateshead. We believe the one that they use as the dentist's is the one where I was born and was originally number 7. However the front gardens were originally very long front gardens not the short ones they have put up at the museum. My brother was also born in the same house.

Amy said...

Fab cake X