Wednesday, 26 January 2011

More gifts...

 I saw this gorgeous pram in the window of Bespoke Country in York on saturday, the bottom  of the pram comes down and it  converts  into a pushchair 

 my mam said she had one similar for me all those years ago they don't make them like that anymore!!

Love  the colour of the  tea cozy with the flowers on top, I feel the knitting needles coming out, it would look nice on my tea pot

Here's a little looky at what I spent my birthday pennies on,
a dressing gown to match my pj's the fabric is lovely and soft

new buttons for a future project and in the meantime I've displayed them on a cake plate

As soon as I saw this bag I knew it was "the one" for me, it's a lovely shade of green and I have a scarf and gloves  the same colour

and radley's tartan coat  matches perfectly (thank you Wendy)

I also got a keyring, the doggies can't wait for a day at the seaside!!

It was quite cold but we had a lovely day I got a few gifts for "birthday swaps" and we saw one of those shops called "appyfeet" they have tanks of fish that nibble the hard skin off your feet YUK!!!

Some lovely handmade presents from  Lisa arrived in the post, a bag for my phone a face cloth and some soap thanks Lisa.

So it's all over for another year but  I'll look forward to everyone's birthday in the "birthday swap"

Bye Lucey xx


Sew Scrumptious said...

Lovely things! Love that bag and the little doggie tag. Gorgeous. Also love the buttons. x

Jenny at Red House said...

now Lucey, why didn't you come to Bespoke country when I was in?!! the pram is fab isn't it, Victoria bought it from a junk shop when hers were littlies and used to bundle them all in, and very happy they were too! Glad you liked our shop! jennyx

Florence and Mary said...

OOooooh those buttons are adorable!!

Victoria xxx

delia hornbook said...

Lovely things its so nice to be able to go and buy what you like, the joys of birthday money ;-) Dee x

The Vintage Bazaar said...

Love the buttons too!! Lizzie x

Anonymous said...

oooh they have done a really good job with the window display I love that pram its just the sort of thing I would have .
xx fee

emma bear forever said...

Button envy!! They are lovely, infact so lovely I dont think I would be able to use them :) Lovely gifts xx

Jenevieve said...

Everything looks great! The buttons are also a favourite of mine! Don't like the sound of the fish that nibble the hard bits off your feet, though I imagine it would tickle rather than hurt! :) x

wendy said...

The doggie matches the bag very nicely!
I love your seaside bag- is that Radley?
Looking forward to seeing what you make with the lovely buttons

LissyLou said...

Hi, i've just seen your comment on Poppy and Daisy about the Mary Poppins book. (I really need to change my settings so email notifys me of comments!!)

It is available if you still want it. You can email me at

Motyl said...

I love everything in this post. The buttons are really cute. The bags are absolutely gorgeous and I love the way you have coordinated the keyrings.
I think old prams are much prettier. I do wonder if they weighed a ton though.
I am originally from W Yorks and now live in the Czech Rep. Not so much vintage stuff around here, so it lovely to see on your blog.