Saturday, 1 January 2011

Secret santa...

Hello girls,

Did we all have a good new year?

Are we all fit and well and ready to start the new year with lots of  new year resolutions, I'm not going to bother making any as I never stick to them anyway!!, but, I am going to try and shift the extra stone I put on over the past few months, don't know how that happened  but what I do know is I woke up one day and everything in my wardrobe was a size too small!!!

Anyway onto better things, imagine my delight on christmas morning when I opened my secret santa parcel from Lynda at Hookin' with laa laa,

look at all my presents beautifully wrapped in C K gift wrap and a cute card to match, I was so excited!!

There were 3 bars of cinnamon and orange soap, some delicious chocolate santas, who  mysteriously dissapeared just minutes after they'd had their photo taken! A lovely holidays box that had a silver brooch nestled inside and to top it off , tadaa....  a CK keyring and matching handbag mirror in my favourite pattern, didn't I do well, thank you so much Lynda.

Exciting news,  I'm in the birthday swap organised by Lynda so I'm off to have a nosey round all your blogs, and get to know you all and find out what you like... realy looking forward to the swaps.

See you later,

Lucey xx


Kathy said...

Hi there, I'm in the birthday swap too... it'll be fun getting to know a whole new bunch of bloggy friends!

home made gorgeous said...

Hi Lucey, wishing you a very Happy New Year! I love all your secret santa goodies, very exciting! Sarah x

Rebecca said...

Happy New Year, and what a gorgeous secret santa gift!
I'm really looking forward to the birthday swap too!
Becky :-) x

VintageVicki said...

Am in that swap too - and look who's first on the list ;)

Happy New Year xx

Nana Go-Go said...

I`m after you!!All the best people have birthdays in January don`t they?! You did really well with your gifts from LaaLaa - really lovely. Nice to meet you.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

What a lovely lot you got - Lynda is delightful! Happy New Year love Annie xx

Amy said...

what lovely goodies! I hate it when you wake up and all of your clothes ahev 'shrunk', lol. It seems to happen all of a sudden doesn't it x

Kandi said...

Ooohh my clothes shrunk too, I wonder what happened there it seems to be a country wide problem??? I've joined the birthday swap too I think it's a great idea and you are first on the list!
Lovely gifts from Lynda there, she's a star.
Kandi x

Florence and Mary said...

Happy New Year!

The cinnamon soap sounds divine!

Victoria xx

Felicity said...

OH lovely swap goodies! Happy new year! Fliss xxx

Cowboys and Custard said...

Happy New Year Lucey.. I hope it's a good one for you. I know what you mean about the mystery weight gain.. I have the same problem.. all my clothes are too small.
My theory is... if the weight can suddenly appear.. then it can just as suddenly disappear! Nice thought...

Michele x

Lavender hearts said...

Lovely things you have there!

I need to lose another stone :-( Thank you for buying the tickets. You have tickets 26 and 27. :-)