Saturday, 15 September 2012

Embroidered Bag And Purse

Rummaging through my sister's "draper's drawers "I found some lovely embroidered runners
 and tablecloths 

 and after seeing all the lovely bags Jenny makes (the custards blog) I thought make myself a bag from a lovely blue cloth.

I had some yellow rose fabric for the main part and I used a piece of blue embroidery for the front panel and a couple of napkins for the lining,

after cutting them all out I gave them an iron and stitched away for the afternoon,

stopping for a little snack, my new drink, pink lemonade mmmmmmm.

I sewed some pale blue buttons and a ladybird on the front and used one of my wooden toggles as a fastener,

 the inside is just two napkins stitched together and I added a pocket,
 I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

A while ago in Mollie Makes they gave away a little purse making kit so I used the clasp and some of the fabric to make a purse to match the bag,

Are you ready for a laugh???

haha I can hear you all chuckling away,

hmmm didn't turn out too good did it, must try again!!

Lucey xx


moonstruckcreations said...

That tote bag is so cute!

I havent plucked up courage to make the purse yet, have it tucked away in my craft box!


VintageVicki said...

That bag is gorgeous :)

I'm another that has yet to attempt the purse kit - so you've gone one stage further than me.

Anonymous said...

Love your tote bag and I'm another one who hasn't attempted the purse yet!

Tammy said...

Your tote bag is lovely. So nice to use bits of this and that to create something so pretty. I wouldn't even know how to begin to put together a clip purse. It's very sweet. Best wishes to you, Tammy

Isobel said...

Your tote bag is awesome!! Well done! The way you re-used the cloths were really sweet. xx

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I love your bag! Like those draws too! Ada :)

thriftwood said...

The purse looks lovely ... Much better than I could do it, in fact mine hasn't come out of its bag yet! Love pink lemonade too!


Anne said...

The bag looks lovely. I got the purse kit too but havent made it up yet!

The Custards said...

Yay! Delicious bag - looks really lovely and I love the inside too (I too like to have embroidery inside the embroidery!!!).
Purse looks just fine and dandy - if it opens then it is a purse and perfectly usable. I was given a freebie one of those frames and they are very small so extra tricky to figure out. I made a Christmas one with mine (might dig out a photo somewhere) - very fiddly though as the scale is tiny. Not sure that the instructions were great if you have never made one before. Would it help to do a tutorial on the wonderments of purse making one day? That said yours is just sweet and lovely - I love those tiny stitches on the flowers
All the best

Kelly said...

They look fab! You must be really pleased!!!

Lace hearts said...

I love using embroidered material in my makes, but always struggle to cut into it. I love your bag. I have that purse kit too, but haven't yet used it. I think your purse looks lovely - it's a fiddly thing to make.

koralee said...

Oh my...your bag is so delightful...I am loving everything you do. I still have that molly makes project I need to finish. xox