Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Golden Syrup

I was browsing through the latest Emma Bridgewater catologue at the weekend when I saw their new "Treacle tin candles" 

 I remembered I had a tin of syrup in the cupboard so I made up a batch of pancakes, drizzled the last of the syrup over them and washed out the tin so I could make my own.

 I ran a sharp knife down the sides of the candle shredding it as it melts quicker than lumps and keeps the wick intact 

and I used the small metal stopper from a nightlight,  with a darning needle open the hole and poke the wick into it and place it in the bottom of the syrup tin this keeps it in place 

then you put a bowl over a pan of boiling water and add the wax a little at a time until it has melted, (please remember if you're having  go the wax will be boiling hot!!)

Then I poured it into a jug and keeping the wick up straight with the help of a peg I poured the wax into the tin, as it sets it sort of sinks in the middle so you'll need to top it up

and there is my "treacle tin candle" and best of all it cost me nothing!!

Well that was it I'd got the bug, next I melted two large red candles and filled a china cup 

you can see I've got the wax all over the handle but when it had set it easily scraped off, I think I've found a new hobby!!  

I'll need a lot of wax to fill up this big fella not to mention the amount of pancakes I'll have to eat!!

I've also made a bag, a brooch and badly attempted a purse but more on those next time.....

Lucey x


Betty said...

Oh goody, thankyou so much - I have been saving my syrup tins but couldn't think what for - this is so perfect - will have a go = what a clever lady you are!

VintageVicki said...

Oh I've not seen the EB catalogue. However I do have a syrup tin sitting on the windowsill waiting for a use - think I might have just found it :)

Have made teacup candles before - they make great pressies :)

Riddlers cottage flowers said...

What a great idea.Love the tea cup Lesley.x

thriftwood said...

Have been making teacup candles for a while but never syrup tin ones! Lovely idea ... I usually use mine for growing mini daffodils in Spring and pen/pencil holders, but I'll definitely be doing this one!

Thanks for sharing

Claire xxx

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

What a great idea! Ada :)

Pippypop said...

Thanks very much for sharing this lovely idea with us and for providing a step by step guide. I'll definitely be trying this out! Take care, pippypop x

Kandi said...

You know I got the catalogue and thought, ohhh, I could do that - great minds :0)
Great candles they look teriffic and it's just coming into the right time of year to be getting the candles out at night x

Daisy said...

Brilliant idea! They look lovely. xx

Noelle the dreamer said...

If I can part ex-RAF hubby with his last treacle tin I will do the same!
Lovely and a little bit of home!
A warm hello from the Pacific NW coast,

Kelly said...

They look great! What a perfect way to use pretty or vintage tins!
Thank you for the lovely message on my blog its really helping to have gotten things out and hear from pepople that have had the same experience xxxx

Josie-Mary said...

What a great idea!! I think I have an old tin in the cupboard..... thanks for sharing :) x

Anne said...

Looks really good!
Apparently I visited dotty about vintage in whitby a few days after you did last week, the owner told me all about you and your blog and hence I am your latest follower!

The Custards said...

Hey - that looks great - would look good in the garden I think too. I have made candles in old teapots before now but not a tin. Good idea
Best wishes

Lace hearts said...

I finally got time to pop over, and so pleased I saw these. I do so love the tins - as you spotted! I collect any different Lyle's ones I spot. What a lovely idea to make candles from them. I'll have to get around to trying this.

Carol said...

Ooh might need to reclaim syrup tins from DH who has squirrelled them awaty in the garage.
Carol xx