Monday, 24 September 2012

Screen Printed Bags

In the Summer the art college was running courses all funded by the lottery, I'd already been on the "knit a rag rug" day and I was lucky enough to get on the "print a tote bag" day aswell.

On the table were piles of  magazines, pens, glitter, stamps and paper so we flicked through the magazines cutting out pieces for inspiration 

I laid a flower shape onto a piece of paper and then glued little beads around the middle and added a couple of stamps, when I was happy with the design we copied it  onto heat transfer paper and then it was time to print the bags.

As I'd finished mine in the  morning  I popped home at lunch time to get a few bits of my own 

I played around for a while putting a few favourite pieces together  until I was happy then  I decided to print both sides of the bag so that I could  make it into a couple of "vintagy"cushions.

Pieces copied ready to cut out before being laid onto fabric then printed one side at a time

and the designs printed onto the bags.

It was one of the best days I've ever spent, lost in a creative world, they turned out ok for a first attempt and it's something I'd love to do again.

When we'd finished we were asked if we would leave our work for an exhibition in "Folio" the shop attached to the college so I did and when I popped in last week there were two pieces of my work in the window!!

"One of the bags and the knitted rag rug"

along with lots of pieces created from from the other classes on offer this Summer.

Lucey x


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

What an interesting concept! They look great! Ada :)

Betty said...

What a great idea the bags are, you did a really nice job. Just think the possibilities are endless!

♥ Miss Tea said...

you're so creative! they look fab!

x susan

Simply Scandinavian said...

What a great day you had and love the bags. I need a day like this one. Just turn off from everything and get lost in creating.

Carol said...

Beautiful work. The workshops sound great, wish more colleges offer such courses.
Carol xx