Thursday, 13 December 2012

Advent Swap And Busy Needles

Well hello Jack Frost!!

You've certainly been out and about last night with your long fingers, turning everything in sight, white,  cold and frosty while I'm all cosied up indoors opening more lovely advent gifts.

Day 10's were mother of pearl buttons and some gorgeous green ones on their original card,

next were sticky notes, a bit of CK yumminess,

a gorgeous "holiday cheer" garland that's now up the stairs, I'll take a pic when the day is a bit brighter,

and today's gift is a bangle covered in pretty fabric and tied with a bow, such a lovely idea.

"Clickety clack" the needles have been busy lately,

this purple and cream scarf with reindeer's and snowflakes on is for my uncle,

I've also got him a little "tipple" so he'll be warm both inside and out!!

And this one is for me when I''m out riding "Poppins"

I haven't made pom poms for years and had to look on the internet to remind myself....doh!!

You can just see the cushion covers I run up from a "log effect" fabric I got from IKEA, 

and there was just enough left over to make a tablecloth.

"very rustic" me thinks!!

Lucey x


Carol said...

Jack frost and his mate Foggy have been round here all day.
Lovely advent gupifys and the scarf is beautiful.
Carol xx

Carol said...

Edit well I have no idea what 'gupifys' are! Lol Should read ''gifts'.
Carol xx

Knittings Nice! said...

Thank you for stopping by and loving the rustic material, nearly bought some myself the other day.

Betty said...

That scarf for your uncle is impressive - there's nothing to beat home made gifts in my opinion.

Josie-Mary said...

You've been very busy! x